Textiles and Office Cleaning: What You Need to Know

textiles and office cleaning

If you work in an office setting, you already know that a lot goes into keeping an office space clean. Individual employees play their role in keeping the kitchens tidy by keeping their mugs washed and kept counters free of garbage. On top of that, your office probably has a cleaning service that deep cleans the kitchens and bathrooms, takes out the garbage, dust, and vacuums community areas. Cleaning these areas is vital to the health and cleanliness of the office, but specialty cleaning needs may arise as well.

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Specialty cleaning needs

Specialty cleaning needs may arise from time to time, and these issues are often best addressed by professional upholstery cleaners. A regular cleaning crew, while skilled at their job tasks, may not have the time, right tools, or certification to perform specialty needs such as upholstery cleaning.

Upholstery and textile cleaning in an office setting

Embassy Cleaners offers several services including:

There are many instances in which an office can benefit from the above services.

Rug and carpet cleaning

An office cleaning crew will vacuum your carpets and rugs, but what if you have stains? You would never want clients to enter your workspace to be greeted by a stained carpet. Cleaning the rugs will remove not only stains but also deep clean the rugs to remove potential allergens embedded beyond the reach of a vacuum cleaner. Additionally, if your office has rugs made of delicate materials (such as a silk or wool Oriental rug), our cleaners are knowledgeable in the treatment of such rugs.

Drapery and window treatment cleaning

How often do drapes and window treatments get cleaned? Cleaning these items removes allergens (such as dust embedded into the fabric) and improves the look of such treatments. Dust can dull fabric!

Upholstery cleaning

Do you have couches or chairs in the lobby or waiting area of your office? You want these pieces of furniture to invite guests and clients to sit down and relax, but a stained couch is not inviting! Even if your office furniture is not stained, it is still a good idea to have your upholstery cleaned professionally. Dust, allergens, mold, and mildew can remain hidden within the fibers, and professional cleaning can eliminate these allergens.

Fireproof certification

Perhaps your office is new, and drapery and furniture have just been installed. These items must meet all current fire codes, include fireproofing. In addition to meeting your specialty cleaning needs, Embassy Cleaners can also provide the proper fireproofing applications as required by FDNY. Likewise, Embassy Cleaners can perform this service on other draperies or textiles in the office as well. As the fire retardant is applied to clean fabric only, a thorough cleaning is first performed on the item in question.

How can Embassy Cleaners meet your office cleaning needs?

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