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Professional rug and carpet cleaning NYC is crucial if you want your flooring to remain in good condition. That’s because the same dirt and grime that makes your flooring appear dirty can actually cause real damage to the fibers. When proper care and cleaning is neglected for too long, the fibers that make up your rugs and carpets can actually begin to break down to the point where repairs or replacement becomes necessary. The price tags of good quality rugs and carpets can be painfully high, so why let damage wear down their lifespan when some simple cleaning can help? By using a few cleaning tips yourself and scheduling periodic professional cleanings, you can add years and beauty to your rugs and carpets.

Embassy Cleaners professionally cleans carpets and rugs in New York, including NYC and Westchester.

Using Professional Carpet Cleaning NYC for the Best Results

To keep your rugs and carpets in the best possible condition in order to extend their life and maintain their best appearance, it’s important to have them thoroughly and professionally cleaned.

The most common method that’s used for both residential and commercial carpet cleaning NYC is the hot water extraction method, which is commonly referred to as “steam cleaning.” Despite the name of the process, steam is not what actually cleans in this method, but rather a special cleaning agent made just for the purpose.

First, the fibers of the rug or carpet are preconditioned with this cleaning agent and lightly agitated with a grooming brush. This loosens the dirt and particles from the fibers. Then a hot water extraction machine is used to thoroughly rinse out the preconditioning agent, along with the dirt and grime. The next step is extremely important and often overlooked when it comes to carpet cleaning NYC: Lowering the pH. It’s extremely important to hire a reputable cleaner who uses the proper pH neutralizing solution and method to remove the cleaning agent, otherwise potentially harmful residues can be left behind and cause damage to the fibers.

Once the cleaning agent has been thoroughly rinsed and the pH of the carpet or rug has been lowered properly, the drying process begins. The faster the surface is dried the better, but more importantly, the drying process used should be completely thorough to prevent any saturation problems from becoming a factor. This is why our Embassy technicians utilize high-velocity air movers (giant fans) to dry carpets and rugs both quickly and efficiently.

Finally, if any spots have remained through the cleaning process, they are specially spot-treated and removed.

Do Your Rugs and Carpets Need Some TLC? Call Embassy Cleaners!

Whether your rugs and carpets are due to have their next cleaning schedule or are suffering from an intimidating stain or spot, our professional technicians are carefully educated to use the best practices and techniques to get your carpets and rugs looking like new again.

There’s a reason why Embassy Cleaners has been around since 1937: We know how to provide you with the great customer service you’ll love while giving your carpets and rugs the brilliant results you need. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you with your carpet cleaning needs in New York.

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