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What to Do After A Fire: Smoke Damage Cleanup Tips

smoke damage cleanup

Fire departments around the United States will respond to over 300,000 house fires this year alone. While the structures of many of these homes are saved, smoke damage can still cause complications. Putting out a fire is only half of the battle. Smoke can easily build up causing further damage, and repairing it can be a timely and […]

The Definitive Guide To Dealing With Smoke Damage

smoke damage house

Smoke damage can cause all kinds of problems in the home. Some of the things homeowners can experience include kitchen fires and blocked fireplace flues. And, of course, electrical fires. Those problems and more can cause a lot of smoke damage to your home. The thing about smoke is that it can cover everything and make […]

Dealing With Smoke Damage in Your Property

Smoke inside home producing damage

Don’t let smoke and fire damage ruin the home you love. You need to get proactive and take steps to tackle the issues presented by smoke damage. Here are some important steps to take that will help you deal with smoke damage in your property. Hire Professional Cleaners The most important course of action to […]

Restoring Smoke-Damaged Clothing and Home Furnishings

Restoring Smoke Damaged Clothing

Embassy Cleaners Can Handle Large Cleaning Projects Embassy Cleaners possesses the technology and expertise required to restore smoke-damaged garments, bedding, and home furnishings successfully. Imagine dropping your son off at the airport to go back to college after winter break and while you are gone, your two teenage daughters who are alone back at the house smell smoke. That’s […]

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