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Keep Home Warm with Insulated Curtains

Drapery Cleaning NYC

Draperies are the perfect way to add personal style and beauty to your interior design, and when you use insulated curtains in the cooler weather, they can help you save energy. Insulated curtains are sophisticated, energy efficient window coverings that help save money while enhancing the appearance and comfort of your home. If you haven’t […]

Remember that time we cleaned blood from shades?

Clean Blood from Shades

Removing stains is what we do, and this one time we had to get blood out of roman shades. Because the shades were motorized, we had to go on-location to remove the stain. Curious to see if we were able to do it? Read the entire story, here.

Blood On Your Roman Shades? Who You Gonna Call?

Ghost Busters!! No wait… Embassy Cleaners!!! Here’s the story: Last week we got a call from one of the best-known and most-respected drapery workrooms in the industry. Seriously… They work on homes owned by millionaires, billionaires, maybe even kabillionaires… And they work with designers who service this clientele. They had just finished this huge project […]

You won’t believe how clean we got these shades!! Mind = Blown

blinds cleaning nyc

We’re back with another Embassy Cleaners mind blown moment. This week, it’s about a challenge we accepted. Here’s the story… We received an email from someone asking if we could clean badly stained shades. Obviously, we answered yes, but what we weren’t expecting was the degree to which these shades were stained… Here’s a picture […]

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