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What is Color Fading and Can It Be Prevented?

color fading

It’s terrible when you have a favorite garment, and the color begins to fade. It’s even worse when the fading seems to happen after just one wash. While color fading over time is virtually inevitable, there are steps you can take to prevent color fading from happening when the garment is still relatively new. What […]

How Even Basic Alterations Improve Clothing


The way your clothing fits matters because when you purchase clothing, you’re making an investment in how you look and your overall presentation. It’s rare for clothing off the rack to fit you perfectly, and although that may be fine for more casual clothing, it’s important to have dress clothing that fits well for a […]

Protect Clothing from Insect Damage

insects can damage your clothing

If you recently pulled your winter clothing items out of storage and noticed new holes in them, you may have an insect problem. Sometimes the holes don’t become visible until after you wash the clothing and items that you store seasonally are more prone to insect damage. Moths often damage wool fabrics, but other insects […]

Clothing, Carpet, and Pets Stains… Oh My…

Cleaning pet stains from items in your home

[x_button shape=”square” size=”large” float=”none” block=”true” href=”” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover”]GET PROFESSIONAL CLEANING FROM EMBASSY CLEANERS[/x_button] If you have pets, you know what great companions, fitness partners and loving creatures they can be, but they can also present problems when it comes to your clothing. Having cat and/or dog hair all over the house seems unavoidable at […]

Restoring Smoke-Damaged Clothing and Home Furnishings

Restoring Smoke Damaged Clothing

Embassy Cleaners Can Handle Large Cleaning Projects Embassy Cleaners possesses the technology and expertise required to restore smoke-damaged garments, bedding, and home furnishings successfully. Imagine dropping your son off at the airport to go back to college after winter break and while you are gone, your two teenage daughters who are alone back at the house smell smoke. That’s […]

Clothing Restoration – Brooklyn – Over 2000 Garments!

We were in Brooklyn yesterday picking up clothing from a woman whose home recently had a fire. We are so happy she and everyone else in the house are safe, and that the damage to the home was not completely devastating. When we arrived, we had no idea what to expect. We were told that […]

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