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Ironing Your Shirt – From Past to Present

ironing past and present

Ironing can seem like a tedious and complicated task, but it’s necessary for many items of clothing to look their best. If you need to iron a shirt, you first need to learn a few tips. Otherwise you could potentially just end up damaging an expensive item of clothing. The History of Ironing: Why Do […]

Ironing is a Pain – Ease Your Pain With These Hacks

Woman ironing a shirt at home

Ironing is one of those domestic tasks that can’t be avoided. You’ve got to make sure the clothes look presentable and smart. But it can be a pain to get through piles of ironing. So, check out these hacks that will make it much easier for you to deal with. Hire a Cleaner to Do […]

How to Iron a Tee Shirt: One Trick to Avoid Ruining Your Tee Shirt

Previously we taught you how to iron a button-down shirt. Now, we’re focusing on tee shirts, and there’s one trick you’ll really want to pay attention to, because it’ll keep you from ruining your tee shirt. 1. Put the tee shirt on the ironing board Place the ironing board inside the tee shirt, like your […]

I need my shirt ironed NOW: How to Iron Your Own Shirt

Properly ironing a shirt is an art form. That’s why you are always better off having it ironed professionally. Unless, of course, you need your shirt ironed RIGHT NOW… Here is how to iron your own shirt when you find yourself having no choice but to do it yourself. Prepare the shirt 1. Start with […]

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