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Professional Upholstery Cleaning NYC does more than simply beautify your furniture. It also improves your health and air quality. Spot treatment of your furniture’s upholstery is enough to handle small stains, but when those stains add up or are too large for a little spray bottle and cloth to handle, it’s time for a professional cleaning. Even when your upholstery appears spotless, it’s still harboring bacteria that can cause health issues and reduce the overall air quality of your home. No matter the season, you spend a large amount of time inside your home and Professional Upholstery Cleaning from Embassy Cleaners insures that your home stays beautiful, comfortable, and clean.

Cleaning below the surface

While you may believe that your furniture is clean because there are no visible stains, that is not always the case. Allergens from pets and the outdoors settle into your upholstery and vacuuming is insufficient at removing them. Mildew, dust, and mold also live in your upholstery and wreak havoc on people with asthma and respiratory issues. With Professional Upholstery Cleaning, all of those harmful pollutants are removed from your furniture, which prevents them traveling through the air and making the people in your home sick.

Signs Professional Upholstery Cleaning is required

If your furniture appears clean, it’s difficult to judge when a professional upholstery cleaning NYC is required. However, a few factors help determine when you need expert help to improve the appearance, cleanliness, and longevity of your upholstery.

  • Time – Though you may initially believe you can tackle cleaning your upholstery on your own, once you consider all the furniture you have to deal with and the time it will take, a professional cleaning is the best choice. Professional Upholstery Cleaning is both cost-effective and time-effective solution to cleaning your furniture and frees you up to do activities that are more enjoyable.
  • Dirtiness – One small stain is easy to handle, but what happens when the family pet comes in from outside and makes a muddy, wet mess on the upholstery? That type of task is difficult to handle alone. Animals have a way of claiming certain pieces of furniture as their own, but professional deep cleaning makes it easier for humans to reclaim those areas and prevent future pet acquisitions. There’s great peace of mind found in knowing that the furniture you’re relaxing on is free of stubborn pet stains and interwoven pet hair.
  • Warranty – Oftentimes, furniture comes with a warranty that requires professional cleaning. Cleaning this furniture on your own can void the warranty, which is something you don’t want. Read the warranty through and go over the details of it with your professional cleaner to ensure they follow all the proper steps.
  • Material – Many types of furniture consist of a combination of upholstery materials. Dealing with cleaning furniture that combines cloth and other fabrics is problematic, especially when rented and store-bought cleaning appliances can’t handle multiple materials at once. Furniture that features both fabric and wood is easy to damage when wet cleaning solution encounters the wood and causes stains. Avoid the risk of ruining your furniture with Professional Upholstery Cleaning by experts who understand how to handle all types of materials.

Advantages of Professional Upholstery Cleaning NYC

Aside from saving you time and trouble, professional upholstery cleaning has several other advantages over trying to do it yourself. These include:

  • Tools and cleaning solutions – Even with a large, store-bought machine, it’s difficult to reach all the crevices and do an effective job. Additionally, special cleaning solutions are required for different types of upholstery and only professional cleaners possess all the knowledge and tools for the task.
  • Special attention – Aside from rare instances where a piece of furniture requires cleaning off-site due to unusual fabric or excessive dirtiness, professional cleaners come to your home to clean all your upholstery.

It’s easy to keep your upholstery in beautiful condition with Professional Upholstery Cleaning NYC from Embassy Cleaners. Our services receive recommendations by a variety of New York’s finest designers, retailers, and custom design shops including Ethan Allen™, Crate and Barrel™, Fortunoff™, and Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors™. We use our years of experience and knowledge to renew, refresh, and restore your upholstered furniture to its original beauty. With our on-site solvent-based cleaning and steam extraction process, we efficiently and carefully clean luxury fabrics such as chintz and silk. Contact us today to learn how our services make your life easier.

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