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Upholstered Sofa Cleaning: Your Complete Guide

Upholstered sofas are a favorite among homeowners and designers alike. Not only are they available in a range of different styles, colors and designs, upholstered sofas add a welcoming touch of comfort to any decor. A much as you love this piece of furniture, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your upholstered couch, though, […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Stain Removal

dos dont's stain removal

There you are, sitting on your sofa after a long, hard day at work. Take out containers on the coffee table; you pour yourself a glass of red wine because, you know. Antioxidants. Just as your show begins to load you look away only to spill your entire glass of wine on the carpet. What […]

Removing Water Stain on Upholstered Chair

water stain upholstered chair

It’s difficult to believe that water can leave a stain on upholstered chair or sofa. When you think of stains on upholstery, you probably think of coffee, chocolate or juice stains, which is why you ask your family not to eat and drink in the living room. However, water stains on upholstery are surprisingly common. […]

The Ultimate Guide To Dealing With Water Damage

Water damage house floating on life raft

Many things can happen and result in water damage in your home. Perhaps a burst pipe, a broken washing machine; you name it. Regardless of the cause, it’s crucial that you deal with the damage immediately. The longer you leave water damage in your home, the worse it will be. Bearing that in mind, we’ve […]

Removing Water Stains From Upholstery: Part 2

remove water stain from upholstery

In this post, we’re going to show you the result of our efforts to remove a water stain from upholstery—specifically fabric upholstered walls. If you haven’t already, read Part 1 of this story. As we mentioned in part 1, removing water stains from upholstery is one challenge; not getting the fabric TOO CLEAN is another. And […]

Restoring Fabric Upholstered Walls: Water Stains Versus Shading Differences Part 1

water stain fabric upholstered wall

We made a house visit in Harrison, NY and met a homeowner who recently experienced damage to her fabric-upholstered walls. Few companies have the capability of cleaning wall upholstery, so we are always happy to be able to help those who’ve experienced some loss to their fabric-upholstered walls. Upon entering the home, she pointed us toward […]

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