Proper Care Helps Sweaters Last

How to care for your sweaters

When the temperature drops, the sweaters come out, and chances are, you have a few favorite knit sweaters that you can’t imagine going without during the cold weather. With the right care, cleaning, and maintenance, your quality knit sweaters can last for ten years or more and carry you through the winters ahead. Eliminate pilling Although they sell “sweater shavers” … Read More

Wearing and Caring for Metallic Fabrics

Rexess Matallic Yarn

Metallic and lamé (a kind of fabric interwoven or knit with thin metallic yarns) fabrics are popular in women’s clothing and add the perfect sparkle to any holiday outfit. However, both types of fabrics require special care and cleaning to maintain their shape, shimmer, and color. Thankfully, some helpful tips for wear and cleaning and professional dry-cleaning can keep your … Read More

How to Read Clothing Labels: The Basics

Reading Clothing Labels

When you’re in a hurry to clean your clothes, you may not always read the labels on the items you’re tossing into the washing machine. Unfortunately, if you fail to read and follow labels on clothing, you can ruin your favorite items beyond repair. Taking the time to read the cleaning instructions on clothing labels is worth the extra moments … Read More