What are Tailored Suits?

You may be accustomed to buying your suits off the rack. The term off the rack simply refers to a garment that is manufactured in bulk, and widely available in an array of retail outlets. Off the rack suits are not custom made for you. Suits that are custom made are called bespoke suits. These are specialty, one-of-a-kind garments that … Read More

4 Things You Need to Know About Custom Tailored Shirts

custom tailored shirts

The clothes you wear say a great deal about you before you even utter your first words to a new acquaintance, employer or potential mate. Opting for custom tailored shirts over those found on the racks of clothing stores offers you significant advantages including saving you time and money. Here’s how: 1. They fit well The way your shirt fits … Read More

The Benefits of a Getting a Custom Tailored Dress

custom tailored dress

At Embassy Cleaners, in-house tailors have a combined experience of 78 years. There’s no better place than Embassy Cleaners in Westchester, NY for custom tailoring dresses, as well as a variety of other garments. Custom tailoring consists of much more than simply shortening a hem on a dress. Custom tailoring is about maximizing the comfort and fit of the existing … Read More

Tailoring By Professionals: Why It’s So Important

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Most people end up buying clothes that get advertised in particular sizes. Each year, millions of us have to spend countless hours trying on items until we find garments that fit. As you can imagine, it’s a ritual that we’d rather not have to endure, but we feel we have no choice. It’s a common assumption that tailoring is only … Read More

Custom Tailoring: Why Experience Matters

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The trouble with buying off the peg clothing is that you’ll never end up with a perfect fit. Some items will be baggy on you, while others might be tight in places. And the problems of pre-tailored clothing don’t end there. It’s not unusual for garments to be too long in the arms or legs. As you can imagine, buying … Read More

How Even Basic Alterations Improve Clothing


The way your clothing fits matters because when you purchase clothing, you’re making an investment in how you look and your overall presentation. It’s rare for clothing off the rack to fit you perfectly, and although that may be fine for more casual clothing, it’s important to have dress clothing that fits well for a polished appearance. Professional tailoring can … Read More

Proper Care for Quality Dress Shirts

Dress Shirts

Receiving nice, new dress shirts as gifts can help freshen up your wardrobe and save you the expense of buying new shirts yourself. To keep your favorite dress shirts looking fresh and crisp for a good long time, it’s important to take proper care of them and utilize professional dry cleaning services when necessary. With the right cleaning, tailoring and … Read More

Fall and Winter Tailored Fashion for Men

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When the cooler temperatures of fall settle in, it’s time to turn off the air conditioning and turn up the furnace, radiator, or fireplace to stay warm. It’s also time to retire the summer t-shirts, shorts, and warm-weather suits and break out the thicker, warmer sweaters, pants, and suits. As you bring your cooler weather business tire out of the … Read More

Custom tailoring is the key to amazing-looking clothing

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Today’s “ready to wear” styles aren’t designed to ideally suit everyone’s body type, and if you don’t fit the clothing dimensions, it can be a struggle to put together a workable wardrobe. That’s where custom tailoring from Embassy Cleaners comes in, as our experts help you cultivate a closet-full of high-quality items that you love to wear and that stand … Read More

Back to School Dry Cleaning Tips

Back to school clothing cleaning and tailoring

The time of back to school stress, anxiety, excitement, and mayhem is fast approaching and parents are frantically shopping for school supplies and clothing. Fortunately, with a few helpful tips, parents can prepare themselves for unexpected clothing related emergencies and salvage children’s clothing with the help of alterations and stain treatments. With Embassy Cleaners on your side with tailoring and … Read More