Obtain Fireproofing Certification – NY

The importance of fireproofing your establishment is to protect your guests and all that are present, and ensure the safety of your property. Nearly every town and city in the country has a comprehensive fire code that requires a certain level of fire resistance for draperies, window treatments, and other decorative textiles. When the Fire Marshal comes to inspect your business, they will be looking for a certificate of fireproofing.

The fireproofing certificate can be obtained one of two ways:

  1. The textiles are made inherently fireproof (IFR) during the manufacturing process, in which case the certificate will have been issued by the manufacturer. In many cases, the fabrics are not made IFR during the manufacturing process, and in order to be in compliance of local fire code…
  2. Fire retardant must be applied by a certified applicator who will then issue the appropriate certification.

Embassy Cleaners has significant experience and expertise in applying fire retardant to fabrics. Additionally, we hold a Certificate of Fitness from the FDNY stating that we are authorized fire retardant applicators within the city of New York.

We only use approved fire retardant, and we are also authorized to perform field flame tests to confirm successful application of the fire retardant.

Fireproofing Process

  1. We will go to your facility and inspect the fabric to be fireproofed, after which we will provide you with a written proposal outlining the work to be done and our estimate of the cost.
  2. Fire retardant needs to be applied to clean fabric. As one of metro NY’s premier cleaners, we can clean your draperies, window treatments or other textiles—either on site, right where they hang or in our facility. Once cleaned, we can then apply the proper fire retardant.
  3. Fire retardant is typically applied using a spray application method which can be performed either on site right where they hang, or in our facility.
  4. We will then perform a field flame test as required by the FDNY and many other fire districts, to ensure full compliance with fireproofing standards.
  5. We will issue a flameproofing certificate that meets the requirements of the FDNY or your local fire district.
Items we fireproof


Window treatments


Hanging decorative fabric

Fabric upholstered walls

Upholstered furniture