Carpets and Pets Do Go Together! 5 of the Best Pet-Friendly Carpets

pet friendly carpets

Animals in the house bring joy to an entire family. Living with dogs or cats can increase your happiness, according to statistics on growing old with a pet for a best friend. 

As you decorate and furnish your home, there are plenty of elements to consider with your pets in mind. There is also a flooring factor to think about.

Do you think you can’t enjoy the perks of living with soft carpet between your toes just because you own animals? Think again!

Our list of the five pet-friendly carpets will make you reconsider your decision to choose hardwood flooring over carpet once and for all. Keep reading to learn more about the best pet-friendly carpets available. 

1. Recycled Carpets

You should look for carpets containing recycled materials. Carpets with recycled materials are sturdy and sustainable. As a pet owner, stray away from carpet materials with harmful VOCs that can cause nose and throat irritation. 

Recycled carpets have fewer chemicals because they are newer to the market, too. When shopping around for the best pet-friendly carpets, look for a label by The Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label. Recycled carpets are often made from old bottle caps and can resist mold and mildew build-up over time. 

2. Pet-Friendly Carpets with Wool 

Another option to install in your home as a pet-friendly carpet includes using wool. Wool is a fabric that has a natural stain resistant property. On the flip side, wool makes up less than 1% of the carpet industry and is an expensive route to take.

Wool is known for being a durable fabric which is why we need to mention it on our list. It is a sought-after product that can last for 20-30 years, too.

Although the initial investment can be costly, installing a wool carpet into the rooms of your home will be a great long-term investment. Just think about the upkeep of a brand new carpet and consider how much less time you’ll need to devote to vacuuming each week. 

3. Frieze Carpet

This next type of carpet will hide all of the stains made by your young puppy if you move into a home with a growing dog. This carpet runs about $3.50 per square foot and is great for rooms in your home with high volume traffic. 

Frieze is a resilient carpet material that works well for pet owners. The short twisted fibers can easily conceal dirt and footprints. The thick material can also be helpful as a noise reducer, so your barking pup will not be heard from the next room over. 

4. SmartStrand Carpet

Looking for a revolutionary and soft carpet to enjoy for years to come? Why not splurge a little and go for a SmartStrand carpet in your home. This carpet uses renewable resources known as DuPont™ Sorona®.

An eco-friendly carpet will be the luxury you’ve dreamed of for your family and your pets. The spill shield offers high-quality stain protection, too. No longer will you dread cleaning up after a coffee spill. This carpet is also extremely easy to clean and will not take much effort on your part because of its built-in features to such as core stain protection. 

5. Saxony Carpet

One final pick on our list of the five best pet-friendly carpets is Saxony. The popularity of having Saxony carpet in a home continues to rise because it’s affordable and durable at the same time. 

Saxony carpet is a traditional pile-cut carpet with a soft plush feel it. It can stay in good condition for decades. 

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These are our five pet-friendly carpets, but it’s up to you to decide on the best one for your family lifestyle. Contact us today to schedule a professional carpet cleaning, too. 

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