How to Dress to Impress

How to Dress to Impress

Looking your best can be difficult, especially if your dress clothes are wrinkled, covered in lint, or smell a bit off. With a big holiday like Valentine’s day coming up, it is now more important than ever that you put your best foot forward and look the part. For those that have a date this Valentine’s day, want to look … Read More

Fast Fashion for Landfill Fodder

Fast Fashion for Landfill Fodder

Cheap clothes are everywhere. From discount retailers to department stores, fast, affordable fashion seems to dominate the wardrobes of many Americans. Often citing their inexpensive price tags and easy care instructions as the reason for purchase, most people don’t consider the long-term environmental impact fast fashion trends. Trends Pass, Clothes Don’t New fashion looks sold by many bargain retailers are … Read More

Wearing and Caring for Metallic Fabrics

Rexess Matallic Yarn

Metallic and lamé (a kind of fabric interwoven or knit with thin metallic yarns) fabrics are popular in women’s clothing and add the perfect sparkle to any holiday outfit. However, both types of fabrics require special care and cleaning to maintain their shape, shimmer, and color. Thankfully, some helpful tips for wear and cleaning and professional dry-cleaning can keep your … Read More

Caring for Velvet

Caring for Velvet

With the weather turning colder, many people are looking for heavier fabrics to keep their homes and bodies warm. Velvet is a popular cold weather fabric as it’s both warm and fashionable in clothing and on drapes and furniture covers. However, unlike some warmer fabrics, velvet requires very particular care and attention to retain its beauty and shape. Understanding velvet … Read More

Fall and Winter Tailored Fashion for Men

fall fashion 2015 Men

When the cooler temperatures of fall settle in, it’s time to turn off the air conditioning and turn up the furnace, radiator, or fireplace to stay warm. It’s also time to retire the summer t-shirts, shorts, and warm-weather suits and break out the thicker, warmer sweaters, pants, and suits. As you bring your cooler weather business tire out of the … Read More

How to Dress for a Job Interview

Job Interview Clothing

Interviewing for a new job can be a stressful experience for anyone and it’s vital that you make a positive and memorable first impression on your potential future employers. While many practice what they’re going to say and prepare for unexpected questions, it’s easy to overlook one of the most important parts of a good first impression: what you’re wearing. … Read More

How to Clean Expensive and Delicate Clothing

Clean Expensive Clothing

When you’re in doubt about cleaning your expensive and delicate clothing, the best choice is to take them to a professional cleaner like Embassy Cleaners. Professional cleaning makes sense for cleaning clothing such as dress suits and dry clean only items, but here are some tips if you insist on cleaning them yourself, without professional help. Pay attention to clothing … Read More

10 Ways Men Are Dressing Totally Wrong [VIDEO with transcript]

man dressed wrong

10 Ways Men Are Dressing Totally Wrong by buzzfeedvideo 1. Don’t just push up your sleeves or roll them up like a politician. Try the master sleeve roll: 2. Don’t wear jeans that are too large or too tight.  If you can fit two fingers comfortably between the hip and the waistband, you’ve got a pair of jeans that fit. … Read More