Why Spring Cleaning Matters So Much

why spring cleaning matters so much

Have you ever wondered why everyone is so eager to spring clean? Aside from the desire to refresh the home after a long winter, why is it that people go to such lengths to get spring cleaning? Of course, after spring cleaning, the home is cleaner, tidier and ready to enjoy. But there are lots of other benefits to this age-old tradition that go far beyond appearance. This is why spring cleaning matters so much.

Mental Health Depends Upon It

Clutter is a big cause of stress and anxiety. It adds excess stimuli, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed and out of control. It can distract you from things that you need to do, causing procrastination. It can prevent you from being able to relax in your own home. Clutter causes a lot of time to be wasted, as you need to rummage around looking for the items you need to live your life. Clutter makes you feel guilty for not taking better care of your living environment. Clearing out clutter is a big part of spring cleaning for this reason.

Allergy Attacks Can Be Reduced or Eliminated

Spring cleaning helps with major and minor allergy symptoms. During fall and winter, allergens, dust, and debris accumulate in the home. It gets tracked in on the bottom of shoes, gets blown in from open windows and doors, and stays in the home until spring cleaning. These particles cause allergy symptoms when you breathe in airborne particles, or when you sit on upholstery where allergens and other dust and debris has landed.

Spring is the best time to have upholstery, draperies, and carpets deep cleaned. Professional cleaning services don’t just get surface dirt off. It cleans below the surface, where regular cleaning and vacuuming can’t get. Spring cleaning with the help of professional cleaners assists in creating a healthy living inside your home.

Hidden Issues Can Be Discovered

Spring cleaning can also help homeowners discover hidden issues they may have in the home. When you spring clean, you usually end up going into areas of the home where you may infrequently go. It’s common to go into attics, basements, sheds, garages, and stuffy corners that haven’t seen the light of day in quite some time. These are the areas where problems may be lurking because they are rarely disturbed.

When you spring clean, you may discover issues such as insect infestation, animal nests, leaks, mold growth, foundation or wall cracks and much more. This is a good reason to do a thorough spring cleaning every year because it enables you to inspect every nook and cranny of your home carefully. This way, you’ll be able to take care of any problems that could threaten the health and safety of your family.

Money Can Be Saved

Spring cleaning also entails taking care of clothing cleaning and mending. When you take good care of your clothes, they last longer and you save money by not having to buy new clothes as often.Sending in your clothes to have them dry cleaned will make them ready to wear when you need them.

If you’ve been putting off having your clothes dry cleaned or your upholstery, drapery, and carpets deep cleaned, don’t delay any longer. Contact Embassy Cleaners today.

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