Spring Cleaning: Professional Carpet, Drapery, and Upholstery Cleaning

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SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION It’s time to embrace spring and erase all traces of winter with a thorough cleaning of your home’s interior. Undoubtedly, traffic through your home during winter has embedded salt, sand, and dirt into your rugs and carpets, and family gatherings indoors have left more than a few stains on your floor coverings. Your furniture has enjoyed frequent use as you hunkered down to stay warm and your drapes went through their paces as you closed out the colder temperatures. Shake all that wear and tear off with Embassy Cleaner’s variety of professional interior cleaning services and your home can greet spring with fresh life!

Carpets and Rugs

Don’t risk damaging your quality carpets and rugs by renting a cleaner and trying to do this job yourself. Instead, it is best to hire experienced professionals who understand the specific cleaning requirements of different carpet and rug materials. Professional cleaning addresses and removes the dirt, debris, and stains in your carpets and rugs and helps prevent damage to the fibers. With professional rug and carpet cleaning, you’re not just refreshing your floor coverings for spring; you’re also extending their life. Remove all traces of winter wear, damage, and stains with Embassy Cleaners’ hot water extraction method that uses a cleaning agent specifically designed to produce maximum results. Solvent-based cleaning methods are also utilized as required for some luxury and delicate fibers. Through our time-tested cleaning process, we reveal and restore the beauty to your rugs and carpets so they’re ready for spring entertaining and so you can breathe easier in a clean, fresh home.

Upholstered Furniture

When the weather keeps you inside, you live on your sofa, chairs, and other upholstered furniture. Unfortunately, all that relaxing leaves a winter’s accumulation of body oil, germs, and dirt on your furniture. Having your furniture professionally cleaned erases the winter grime and prepares it for spring gatherings in your home. Even when your upholstery looks clean, there’s still unseen bacteria, mold, dust and mildew lurking that can create health issues and negatively affect indoor air quality. Removing all these unhealthy pollutants is easy and effortless with Embassy Cleaners’ upholstery cleaning services, and best of all, cleaning also improves the longevity and appearance of your furniture. Cleaning also removes the accumulation of pet dirt, hair and dander your animals have left on their favorite pieces of furniture. Both you and your guests will appreciate the ability to relax on the sofa without standing up covered with pet hair.

Window Treatments and Draperies

You rely on your window treatments and draperies to provide privacy, interior design accents, and shade. Having them professionally cleaned as part of your spring cleaning routine helps eliminate the winter’s accumulation of dust, pet hair, and dirt and promotes cleaner indoor air. When you have your draperies and window treatments cleaned, you reduce allergens, insects, molds, and pollen in your home along with removing dust, dirt, and debris. Cleaning also improves your window treatments’ appearance and longevity and ensures that whenever you open and close the curtains this spring, you won’t be stirring pollutants back into the air. With proper cleaning by Embassy Cleaners, your window treatments and draperies retain their shape, color, and texture and always hang beautifully in your home. While we regularly clean window treatments and draperies using our on-site process, we also offer professional take-down and rehang service by our trained and experienced staff, if preferred.

Fabric Upholstered Walls

All too often, you overlook the walls of your home during spring cleaning, and this is unwise. Walls can accumulate just as much dirt, debris, dust, and pet dander as other areas of your home and they require attention. For normally painted walls, a gentle wipe down can help, but for fabric upholstered walls, you need help from experienced cleaning professionals. Keep your upholstered walls beautiful and protected with our specialty cleaning services that involve cleaning a variety of fabric wall treatments such as wool, chintz, linen, velvet, mohair, and silk—by hand.

Thorough spring cleaning begins and ends with our wide array of services that keep the interior of your home clean, fresh, and ready for every change of season.


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