5 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

don't stress around the holidays

The end of Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season. Meaningful holidays really matter. However, achieving such a holiday can be nerve-racking for most people.

69 percent of people get stressed during Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years for lack of time, resources and other pressures such as getting gifts, cleaning and shopping, reports the American Psychology Association. As a result, divorce filings increase in January than any other month, and the risk of heart attacks increase by 5%.

There is so much to do, and cleaning should be the last thing to worry about because you are better off hiring professional cleaners than doing it yourself. Here is why:

1. Cleaning Window Treatments

Some people clean their window treatments regularly. However, you might struggle to clean your window coverings properly. Regular window treatment cleaning is necessary to maintain and extend the lifespan of your window coverings. Different coverings need particular types of cleaning techniques including:

  • Wood Blinds

Sealed wood blinds are susceptible to bowing, bubbling, discoloration or warping. Clean them with a dry dust cloth to remove dust. Tilt individual slats at an angle to get rid of dirt.

  • Aluminum Blinds

Wipe them with a dry cloth to remove dust. Clean the window treatments with warm or cold water if they are stained and avoid bending the slats as it can result in warping.

  • Faux Wood Blinds

Typically, faux wood blinds have an extended lifespan, and they are resistant to moisture. Avoid cleaning them with an abrasive sponge; instead, wipe them with a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner.

2. House cleaning

During routine house cleaning, it’s common to miss dirt that fall on uncleaned lower surfaces like dirt, grit, and leftovers. Professional cleaners clean your home thoroughly. They know where to look for commonly missed spots.

3. Laundry

Most people do not remember their laundry when they prepare for holidays. Instead, they meditate about their diet, funds, and accommodation. Professional cleaners like Embassy offer laundry service. They pick garments which you will frequently use during the holiday season to avoid holiday stress. Instead of purchasing a launderette to wash and dry your clothes while on vacation, you could use that time enjoying the season with your family.

4. Removing Carpet Stains

Different stains can damage the fabric of your carpet. As you prepare for holiday stress, blot the stained part, dry work and rinse it with clean water. Avoid scrubbing your carpet as it would damage its fibers. Professional cleaners understand the risks. They know the two major types of carpet stains, water-soluble and special water-soluble stains.

5. Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture needs regular cleaning and maintenance to retain its aesthetics. You are always advised to procure a sofa whose fabrics suit your house design and apply some bicarbonate of soda to reduce foul odor emanating from your upholstery. If it has carpet stains, blot them with paper towels and avoid rubbing them. It may cause permanent stains. Instead, seek professional cleaners.

Are you struggling with cleaning holiday stress? Call Embassy Cleaners at (914)834-5955 for an excellent laundry service.

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