You won’t believe how clean we got these shades!! Mind = Blown

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We’re back with another Embassy Cleaners mind blown moment. This week, it’s about a challenge we accepted.

Here’s the story…

We received an email from someone asking if we could clean badly stained shades.

Obviously, we answered yes, but what we weren’t expecting was the degree to which these shades were stained…

Here’s a picture of the shades:


The client said something like, “these are badly stained with nicotine because we are smokers, so I don’t think they can be cleaned, but it’s worth a try because replacing them would be more expensive.” Trust us when we tell you that these shades were gross! The combination of smoke damage with the simple fact that the owners never cleaned the shades made a recipe for disaster. We’ve come across some tough stains in our life, but these stains were close to the worst we’ve ever seen! So instead of looking the other way and telling the customer that these were far beyond repair…

Challenge accepted!!

We employed a cleaning process that is done by hand using cleaning solutions that are specially formulated for fabric shades, such as these Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades.

We worked quickly and efficiently to remedy the situation. And to make a long story short, here’s what they looked like when we were done with them:


As you can see, there was a BIG improvement. The client was so pleased; he will be bringing us four additional Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades for cleaning.

While the cost of cleaning is not inexpensive, it is a fraction of the replacement cost, so it makes sense to clean rather than replace…especially when you can achieve results like this! We can deliver amazing results even when there are tough stains that you think may never think will come out. 

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