Advantages of Professional Drapery Cleaning

Drapery Cleaning NYC
CLEAN MY NYC DRAPES Drapes are an important element in interior design—especially in NYC where you need a little extra privacy—and serve to enhance and insulate any space. However, while you probably open and close your drapes every day, you might not realize the amount of dust and allergens that stir back into the air with every touch. You could tackle the task of cleaning your drapes, but without the proper understanding of the material of your window coverings, you can potentially ruin your expensive drapes. Avoid the risk of damage and extend the life of your drapes by utilizing the drapery and window treatment cleaning services offered by the experts at Embassy Cleaners.

Reasons to clean drapes

One of the trickiest parts of drapes is that they can appear clean and beautiful while still harboring an immense amount of dust, airborne pollutants, and allergens. All those elegant folds of fabric can hold pet hair, dander, and pollen unless you perform regular, thorough cleaning of them. Without proper cleaning, the appearance of your drapes, including texture, color, and pattern can diminish, which leads to the need to replace them. Vacuuming may be a good way to clean drapes between professional cleanings, but it’s not enough to prolong the life and appearance of window coverings. Regular cleaning of drapes and window treatments prevents them from becoming dingy and removes small particulates such as insects, dust, and mold from the fabric.

Protect your drapes

Drapery materials vary widely, and without the proper knowledge of how to clean those fabrics, you risk permanent damage to your window coverings. Some drapes are safe for regular washing, while others require dry cleaning and professional cleaning services. Drapery linings are frequently made of a different fabric composition than the face fabric, and sometimes shrinkage of the lining can occur if improper cleaning methods are used, and even slight shrinkage of the lining can cause the drapery to become pulled and otherwise not properly hang. Elegant drapes that feature embellishments such as tassels or crystals are too fragile for home laundering, as are most pleated drapes.

Benefits of professional drapery cleaning

Spring is a prime time to have your drapery and window treatments cleaned because of the high amount of pollen in the air. That pollen comes in through open windows and doors, becomes trapped in the fabric of your drapes and can exacerbate health problems such as allergies and asthma. Professional cleaning helps to eliminate built-up allergens, including pet hair, dander and dust mites. When you open and close your drapes daily, natural oils on your skin transfer to the fabric, which attracts more dust and the best way to remove the oils and dust is with professional cleaning. Our professionals at Embassy Cleaners use equipment that works beyond the capabilities of any store-bought machines and cleaning solutions. We carefully evaluate the fabric of your drapes and examine the level of soil and pollutant content before recommending a specific cleaning program.

To ensure the longevity and beauty of your NYC drapes, consider NYC drapery cleaning from Embassy Cleaners this spring and summer to safely remove the build-up of allergens and dust.


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