#tbt – A Couple Favorite Dry Cleaning Posts

white button down shirt

It’s Thursday, and that has come to mean one thing in the social media world: #tbt, or “Throwback Thursday,” where it’s customary to share old photos and posts. We are jumping on the bandwagon, but instead of sharing a photo of one of the Embassy Cleaners team members from high school, we are going to share a couple of our favorite dry cleaning blog posts up until now:

#tbt – So, what’s “wet cleaning” and why should you care?

Have you ever been to a dry cleaner and seen that they do something called “wet cleaning”?

I know… It doesn’t seem to make ANY sense..

But here’s the thing, and get ready for your mind to be blown, all dry cleaning is wet.


Read the rest, here.

#tbt – Five Things You Should Know to Keep Your Favorite White Button-Down Looking Fresh


It’s a staple of your wardrobe, an easy go-to match for a quick outfit. It’s an adaptable friend and a professional statement. It’s your favorite white button-down shirt, and while this steady standby of your closet may be far from bulletproof, we have a few tips that can help you keep it fresh and ready to go at a moment’s notice!

#1 – Think Before You Buy

Before you bring home that crisp white shirt from the store, there are two things you should do: carefully read the label, and try it on to check the fit. Reading the label will tell you both what material the shirt is made from, and also what the recommended care requirements are. Don’t buy a shirt that has care requirements you won’t follow. Actual sizes can vary from one brand to another, so trying on a shirt before you buy it will ensure a comfortable and flattering fit.

#2 – Handle Stains ASAP

The sooner you treat stains, the better. Before you do anything… Read more, here.

We hope you enjoyed this #tbt, and for good measure, here’s a #tbt of the owner of Embassy Cleaners during his college days:

That's the owner on the left. I wonder if that's why he got into the business...

That’s the owner on the left. I wonder if that’s why he got into the business…