How To Make Your Old Sofa Look Brand New!

Old looking sofa or couch looking new

Sofas are an expensive purchase that we can’t afford to make all the time. Therefore, once we have managed to save up and buy a sofa, we tend to keep it for years. It becomes a beloved family item in your house that you can’t bear to part with. However, over time, the sofa can start to get stains which are hard to remove. Additionally, it can start to look old and tatty. People try and save up to buy another sofa, but this can take a while. Here are some ideas on how to get your old sofa to look brand new.

Hide Marks on the Sofa

As a temporary solution, a lot of people head to the stores to find a throw when they get a mark on their sofa. Over the years, you tend to get at least one stain on your sofa that can be very hard to remove. It might be that your child has drawn on the sofa with a pen which can leave a terrible mark. There are so many throws which you can get which can go on your sofa and cover the mark. As well as making your sofa look brand new, a throw can also be very comfortable to sit on. Some people use the throw to protect the couch when people come over so that they don’t get any more marks on there. And then they remove the throw once they have left.

Get it Professionally Cleaned

If you want your sofa to look brand new, you should consider cleaning your sofa. You should first check what material the sofa is before you clean it yourself. Some sofas will have on the tag that the couch should only be professionally cleaned. If you do it yourself and it goes wrong, it may fall out of the warranty. By using companies like us with years of professionally cleaning experience, we can give the sofa the deep clean it needs. Once we have done, it will look like the mark was never there. It also frees up your time so that you can do something else. Not only is getting your old sofa cleaned good for making it look beautiful, but it also gets rid of any dirt and bacteria which might be hiding in the sofa. You will be surprised that an old sofa can often have dust mites hiding in the material that people don’t know about. Therefore, by getting your sofa professionally cleaned, you are protecting your family’s health.

Keep Pets Away

Another way to make your old couch look brand new again is to keep pets away from it. They are often the reason why the sofa ends up with marks which are hard to be removed because they have been playing outside. They end up dragging mud inside on their paws. Cats, in particular, can scratch the sofa with their claws. Buy your pet a bed which you can put next to the sofa and train them to sit on there instead. That way you can keep your sofa looking its best, and it won’t end up getting ruined.

Hopefully by doing the above, you can keep you old sofa for a little while longer!

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