The Truth About Where Allergens And Dust Are Hiding!

Woman sneezing due to allergens in the house

When people start coughing a lot or experiencing runny eyes at home, they think it’s because of the season or that they are suffering from the flu. But they don’t realize that it could be down to the allergens and dust which are hiding in your property. The living room, in particular, is a haven for dust mites, mold, and germs, and exposure to these can be a nightmare for allergen sufferers. Here is the truth about where they are hiding and why you should clean them regularly to ensure your family is kept safe.


A lot of people don’t realize that they should be getting their upholstery cleaned regularly to reduce allergens and dust. They leave it until they have a stain, or the sofa is looking tatty before giving it a clean. But in fact, upholstery can hide dirt and allergens in the material which could be making people in your home sensitive to allergens ill. When the dust and mold all build up, it can make the air quality poor in your property, meaning that allergy sufferers will begin to start coughing. You are also more prone to other diseases if you don’t clean the bacteria and dust. After all, we spend so much time sitting on the sofa watching television or relaxing after work.

To make it safe for your family, you should be cleaning it regularly. You can check if it’s machine washable and then you can do it yourself. But you may need it professionally cleaned. As a cleaning company with plenty of experience, we will be able to give the upholstery a thorough clean with our solvent-based cleaning solutions. We can make sure we don’t miss anything on your upholstery. We can also tackle harder materials such as silk which can be hiding allergens and dust.


You should also be checking curtains in your living room to make sure that there is no allergens and dust hiding in there. Most people are surprised to know that curtains have dust hiding in the material. It can be awkward to clean so it would be best to get your curtains professionally cleaned. A lot of people are choosing blinds as they are better for not collecting dust. But to be safe, they should also be cleaned regularly.

Hanging Decorations and Lampshades

Another place that dust may be hiding is above you in the living room. People forget to clean their hanging photo frames and lampshades regularly. But they collect dust so you should be making sure they are cleaned regularly. Otherwise, they will collect in the air, and your family members will start becoming ill.


The sofa is a haven for dust mites, and cushions you may put on there can also have dust and bacteria hiding in the material. Dust mites feed on shredded skin cells which can be found on the cushion after you lay your head on it. Make sure you are cleaning the covers of your cushions regularly to help reduce the nasty mites.

Remember that with over 25% of people suffering from allergens; you need to help to protect your family by keeping your lounge nice and clean.

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