Tips for DIY Carpet and Rug Cleaning

diy carpet cleaning

When your rugs and carpet look dirty, it’s because the fibers have been coated with dirt and particulates that have been building up. Most dirt is caused by foot traffic, with people’s shoes bringing in grime and then rubbing it deep into the fibers. When this grime begins to build up, it can start wearing away and even cutting into the fibers of your rugs and carpets, greatly reducing both their appearance and usable lifespan. To prevent particulates from building up in your carpets, you should vacuum at least once per week—and even more often in high traffic areas. Regular cleaning not only helps your carpets but your health as well, by keeping dust and other potentially harmful particulates to a minimum.

The deeper the plush of the fibers, the more time and care you should take while vacuuming. Pay extra attention to areas that are commonly walked over, such as doorways, pathways through rooms or hallways, and flooring directly in front of seating where feet are often at rest. If your vacuum has a crevice tool, use it every few weeks or as needed to clean off baseboards and other difficult to clean cracks and crevices. If your vacuum has any odor, put a dash of baking soda inside the dust container.

Always exercise extreme caution when using products for resisting or removing stains from your rugs or carpets, and use them exactly according to their label. When it doubt, it’s generally better to consult a professional than risk damage to your rugs or carpet.

To keep your rugs and carpets in the best possible condition to extend their life and maintain their best appearance, it’s important to have them thoroughly and professionally cleaned. Read more about professional rug and carpet cleaning, here.

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