Tips for Buying the Perfect Rug

To keep your home looking its best, you enlist the help of professional carpet and rug cleaning, but sometimes a rug is beyond help and requires replacing. While you could go out and grab the first thing that catches your eye, if you want your new rug to last and retain its beauty, it’s a good idea to do some research and consider how you want the rug to work into your existing décor.

Functional details

Before you start browsing through rugs at your favorite interior design store, you need to keep the functional details in mind. As you’re starting your rug shopping, make note of the style, fiber, size and cleaning care of each rug you’re considering. This information can come in useful later if you have to make a decision between several different rugs.

  • Style – The style of the rug needs to coordinate with or complement the décor in its chosen room, whether it’s modern, traditional, contemporary, cozy or rustic.
  • Fiber – Rugs come in natural or synthetic fiber materials so keep in mind how much wear the rug will experience when it’s on the floor.
  • Size – If you’re replacing a rug, then you already know what size you need, but it’s always a good idea to measure the room you’re placing it in to determine the best fit.
  • Cleaning care – The cleaning care of rugs depends on their fiber materials and size and keeping a quality rug clean can represent a substantial, but worthwhile investment.

Start shopping

A great way to start shopping for a new rug is by browsing online. This doesn’t mean you have to buy the rug online because it’s better to see it in person first. However, many rug establishments feature pictures of their rugs online so you can browse colors, patterns and style before you step into the store. Once in the store, it’s time to see the colors in person and become familiar with the feel and weave of the rug. Another interesting place to conduct research is Pinterest as there are countless interior decorating pins featuring every type of rug imaginable in its ideal setting. The pins may even inspire you to redo the entire space from paint color to drapes based on your new rug selection.

When you find your new rug, you want to ensure that it retains its shape and beauty for a long time and the best way to do this is with professional rug cleaning from Embassy Cleaners. We’re dedicated to helping your home look its best.


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