3 Things You Might Not Know About Drapery Cleaning and Installation

Drapery Cleaning tips

When you think of a dry cleaner, you most likely think of a business that cleans clothing. A place you take your clothes that say “dry clean only,” and then a few days later, you pick them up.

That is most certainly one of our premier services at Embassy Cleaners, but we also happen to do other things, and if you think about it, it makes total sense.

We are adept at cleaning your clothing to make it look beautiful and refreshed, expertly removing stains by hand, and practicing accredited dry cleaning techniques. We also know how to clean your sofa, chairs, and other upholstery, and even the draperies and window treatments covering your windows.

Our experienced staff of drapery cleaners employs fine artisanal methods to provide the best possible results.

3 Tips on How to Properly Cleaning Your Drapes

1. Remove hooks before transporting your drapes.

If you decide to take down your drapes yourself, remember to remove the hooks from the drapery panels before bringing them to whoever is going to clean them. The hooks are sharp and can get caught in the fabric of the drapes, so neglecting to remove them is a risk not worth taking. Protect your drapes and remove the hooks, or let a professional take your drapes down for you.

2. Taking your drapes down is easier than putting them back up.

It’s one thing to be able to remove the drapes. It’s another thing to be able to put them back up exactly how they were before so that each hook is placed at the right height. It requires a critical eye to ensure that each hook is positioned behind the drapery panel at the same level as the adjacent hooks. This is important to ensure the drapery panels are straight when installed. It’s difficult to approximate the exact point to insert the hooks. One thing you may want to try if you decide to reinstall them yourself is marking, on the rear part of the drapery panel, an indicator to help you when you go to reinstall them. Use indelible ink (so it doesn’t come out when cleaned) and make a mark in the spots previously occupied by the drapery hooks. Reinstalling your drapes, so they are the right height is not easy, so it’s always best to let a professional do it.

3. Steam your drapes after reinstalling them. the

Though the professional cleaner will most likely steam and press your drapes after cleaning them, they often get a little ruffled during the reinstallation process. Steaming them once they are reinstalled is the best way to leave them looking pristine. It’s crucial to use commercial steaming equipment, as non-commercial steaming equipment can spit out the extraneous liquid which can stain your drapes (especially if they’re silk).

Our staff is not only highly proficient at cleaning your draperies and window treatments, but we are also trained and experienced at installing them once they’ve been cleaned. Completing comprehensive training courses at the Hunter Douglas Training Center as well as the Custom Home Furnishings Academy, our staff is well-equipped and able to ensure that all the best practices are being employed. Embassy Cleaners is a complete drapery and window treatment service center—from takedown to cleaning, pressing to reinstallation, and steaming once they’re installed. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions about your draperies, or if you’d like to talk about having them professionally cleaned.



Photo: Whole-house window treatment cleaning and reinstallation – Huntington, NY