Reasons for Drapery Cleaning and Window Treatment Cleaning

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There’s a pretty good chance your draperies and window treatments look pretty clean. You don’t notice any obvious stains on them, and as far as you remember, they are as clean as when you purchased them.

The thing is, that’s probably not the case. Though they look clean to the naked eye, there’s a good chance there’s dirt, dust, allergens, etc.

Here are some good reasons to clean your draperies and window treatments regularly:

Allergen reduction – Drapes and other window treatments trap a large amount of allergens, pollen, mold, insects and other pollutants that can compromise the air quality in your home.

Remove dust – Even if you don’t have pets in your home, dirt and dust accumulate in your window treatments and gets stirred back into the air whenever you open or close them.

Maintain appearance – With proper cleaning of your window treatments, they maintain their desired appearance. Drapes, Roman shades, and curtains are all part of the decor of a room and keeping their pattern, texture, and color looking its best compliments your interior design.

Longevity – with regular professional drapery cleaning, you improve the longevity of your curtain and drapery fabrics. You also prevent them from having a dirty, unkempt appearance.

Spring and summer are notorious for bringing with them excessive amounts of dust and pollen, both of which readily cling to the blinds in your home. Clean your blinds well and avoid irritating allergic reactions throughout your house.

Cleaning reduces build-up of allergens like dust mites, animal hair and dander, which may offer some relief to those with allergies or asthma.

Prevent discoloration – The act of opening and closing your window treatments deposits natural oils from your skin onto the fabric, which attracts more dust and can lead to discoloration without regular cleaning.

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