Protect energy-saving window treatments with NYC drapery cleaning

Draperies Cleaning NYC
CLEAN MY DRAPERIES Window treatments including draperies serve as both decoration and a source of effective energy savings. By carefully selecting your window treatments to reduce heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter, you can keep your home comfortable year-round. It’s important to protect your investment in energy-saving window treatments with professional NYC drapery cleaning from Embassy Cleaners.

NYC drapery cleaning protects energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of draperies depends on factors including the type of fabric, whether it’s open weave or closed weaved, and the color of the material. Closing drapes in direct sunlight on summer days helps prevent overall heat gain, and medium colored drapes with an energy efficient backing like white plastic can reduce heat gain by almost 35%. In the summer, draperies remain cooler than other window treatments due to their folds and pleats losing heat through convection.

In colder weather, draperies reduce heat loss by up to 10% so you should close them at night and close any drapes that don’t receive sunlight during the day. To improve the energy efficiency of your drapes year-round, hang them close to the window and allow them to reach all the way to the floor or windowsill and all the way up to the ceiling or have a cornice at the top of the drapery. By using magnetic tape or Velcro to attach drapes to the wall at the bottom and sides, you can reduce heat loss and gain by up to 25%. Hanging double layers of drapes also increases efficiency and adds to a room comfort as the room-side drape maintains a similar temperature to the interior.

Professional NYC drapery cleaning ensures the continued durability and function of your drapes by helping to preserve their shape and protects material fibers from damage. Drapes in direct sunlight can fade and weaken over time, so it’s vital to have them professionally cleaned and repaired to avoid damaging or destroying them by cleaning them yourself. Some types of energy-efficient materials don’t wash well in traditional washing machines and provide special care to retain their beauty and function.

Cleaning NYC Roman shades for a comfortable home

Properly installed Roman shades over windows are one of the easiest and most effective energy-efficient window treatments. Just like draperies, Roman shades require mounting close to the glass with the sides close to the wall to provide optimum efficiency. Lowering Roman shades on sunlit windows in the summer prevents heat gain and opening shades on the south side of the home in winter during sunny days helps warm the interior. Roman shades offer sealed edges and layers of fiber batting for improved insulation and air filtration. However, those layers mean Roman shades can become dirty quickly and require NYC drapery cleaning to maintain efficiency and a hygienic home.

NYC cleaning for energy-efficient interior blinds

Although the numerous openings in interior blinds make it difficult to prevent heat loss in the winter, the slats give flexibility in the summer for control of ventilation and light. Closing and lowering interior blinds completely in the summer on a sunny window can reduce heat gain by almost 50%. You can also adjust the blinds to reflect or block direct sunlight onto a light colored ceiling that diffuses the light without the glare of heat. While interior blinds can improve energy efficiency in the summer, they’re also a challenge to clean, and the dirtier they are, the less likely you are to want to touch them to adjust them properly. With Embassy Cleaners professional window treatment cleaning in NYC, you always have clean, healthy window coverings that function properly.

Maintain the beauty, durability, and energy-efficiency of all your window treatments with NYC drapery cleaning from Embassy Cleaners.


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