NYC Drapery Cleaning: Greatly Reduce Allergens

Clean Drapes in NYC

When you’re living in the city, it’s common to keep your windows and draperies closed to shut out the pollution and noise, but dust still builds up in the home over time. Draperies and other window treatments act like huge filters, trapping dust, dirt, and allergens on a daily basis, which can lower the air quality in your home and exacerbate breathing problems. With professional drapery cleaning in NYC, you can help reduce one of the major allergen-causing menaces in your home known as dust mites.

Causes of dust allergies and why drapery cleaning in NYC helps

Dust in your home is a complex combination of inside and outside pollutants rather than something that comes from a single source. Dust can consist of fibers from bedding, furniture, carpeting and dander particles from pets. Other particles in dust come from plant and insect parts, mold, fungus spores, human skin cells, and microscopic dust mites and their waste. Over 20 million Americans suffer from dust mite related allergies, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and if you’re one of those sufferers, drapery cleaning in NYC can help.

Reducing dust mite allergies with NYC drapery cleaning

It isn’t the dust mites that cause allergic reactions, but their waste products that wreak havoc. Dust mite waste contains a protein that’s an allergen for a large number of people. During its lifetime, a dust mite can produce up to 200 times its weight in waste. To reduce the allergic reaction caused by dust mite waste, it’s vital to clean carpeting, upholstery, bedding, drapery and other fabric window treatments. Drapery cleaning in NYC helps eliminate dust mite waste. The microscopic creatures find drapes and window treatments an inviting home because of their warmth and humidity near windows, and by having your draperies professionally cleaned, you eliminate their waste from the fabric fibers.

Best anti-dust allergen practices for drapery cleaning in NYC

To reduce the dust allergens in your home, you should have your draperies professionally and thoroughly cleaned every 1-2 years. This thorough drapery cleaning in NYC is most effective when combined with regular cleaning with a HEPA vacuum cleaner. By having your draperies and window treatments deep cleaned you keep them looking beautiful, improve the indoor air quality of your home, and help control dust mite related allergies.

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