The Many Benefits Of Luxury Wardrobe Storage

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Let’s set the scene. You have an amazing collection of clothing in your home, but you’re running out of space. You also worry about your clothes getting damaged while they are not in use. Many people assume their only option is to sell their clothing to make extra space in their wardrobes.

Of course, few people wish to choose such an option. Instead, they would rather keep hold of their prized clothing. Still, even if extra space in the home were available, there’s the question of damage. Clothes have enemies in the form of temperature extremes and nature.

The good news is that there is an innovative solution to address those problems. Embassy Cleaners has teamed up with Garde Robe, Westchester’s premier dry cleaner. They are also the country’s leading clothing storage provider. So, how can this service ensure your luxury clothes are safe? And, above all, protected from nature and the elements?

Luxury wardrobe storage designed to meet your needs

Founded in 2001, Garde Robe is a pioneer in luxury wardrobe management. They offer a service to meet the needs of both couture collectors and New York residents.

So, how does it all work? The on-demand service starts with a complimentary in-home wardrobe consultation. Included is a “white glove” garment pick-up service. It ensures clothing and accessories get transported to their facilities with the utmost care.

Upon arrival to their premises, Garde Robe arranges for a detailed inspection. Each item gets checked and catalogued. Also, high-resolution photos get taken of each item. Once that process gets complete, Garde Robe emails the client with the inspection details. At that point, any garment care services such as dry cleaning can get arranged.

Once clients are happy with inspections and any post-inspection services, all garments get stored. The advantage of Garde Robe’s storage facilities is they are climate-controlled.

Private cyber closet iPad app

Garde Robe offers an iPad app that allows clients to view and search their collection of garments. It’s useful for people that wish to store seasonal clothing and take out items that are ready to wear.

When clients select the items they want, they can arrange for delivery via the app. It’s a service that is both innovative and convenient.

Perfect for couture preservation

Plenty of New York residents buy garments that they know will appreciate in value in the future. As you can imagine, they want to keep those items in perfect condition.

Garde Robe’s facilities allow them to achieve that goal. What’s more, their storage facilities are safe and temperature-controlled. That means garments can get taken out and be as fresh as the day they got stored.

An ideal solution for travelers

Garde Robe offers a luggage-free valet service for people that travel the world on a regular basis. It’s the perfect solution for avoiding waiting in baggage halls at airports. Plus, there are no worries about needing to pack the right garments at the last minute.

For extra convenience, Garde Robe can deliver their garments and accessories to hotel rooms. They offer a unique end-to-end service saving their clients time and hassle.

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