Luxury Wardrobe Storage – Westchester, NY

A partnership between Embassy Cleaners and Garde Robe, Westchester’s premier dry cleaner and the country’s finest wardrobe storage service.
Designed for New York residents with impeccable wardrobe collections and limited closet space, Garde Robe provides climate-controlled storage and maintenance for your off-season and/or infrequently worn clothing, shoes, evening wear, furs and accessories.

Garde Robe’s seasonal service allows you to switch your closet from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer garments, and vice versa, without lifting a finger, freeing up much-needed closet space year-round.  Representatives will come to your home to pack and collect the items you don’t wear every day.  Plus, they offer next-day garment preparation and delivery, so items in their care are always easily accessible and delivered in ready-to-wear condition.

Garde Robe also provides “museum-quality” preservation of one-of-a-kind and/or delicate items such as evening wear, vintage, and couture pieces that are worn only on special occasions or being “saved” for family members to wear in the future.

Here is a basic breakdown of Garde Robe’s storage/delivery services:

At your convenience, Garde Robe will pick up the clothing, shoes, evening wear, furs and  accessories you would like to keep in our care

Each wardrobe item is professionally photographed and cataloged on a secure, customized Cyber Closet wardrobe catalog

Your can browse your Cyber Closet online and select garments for next-day delivery

Pick ups and deliveries are included in the monthly storage fee

Garde Robe will carefully inspect all incoming items and Embassy Cleaners will handle all of your garment care needs

Garde Robe will gladly pack and ship items so you can travel luggage-free

Garde Robe cares for and maintains your precious wardrobe in a newly renovated, climate-controlled, air-purified loft.  The loft features state-of-the-art security, and all items in Garde Robe’s care are insured.

Imagine having endless closet space and a personal wardrobe valet at your service…

Before storing your clothing, it’s important to make sure it’s properly cleaned. That’s where Embassy Cleaners comes in. Before storing your clothing with Garde Robe’s luxury storage service, we clean your clothing, ensuring it’s stored safe from potentially damaging contaminants.