Luxury Closet Storage for Your Unique Pieces

luxury closet storage for unique pieces

If there’s a downside to owning a luxurious and discriminating wardrobe, it may be that you don’t have enough closet space to store all your valuable apparel. Even if you do have a spacious walk-in closet, it’s unlikely that you have the correct climate for long-term storage of infrequently worn garments.

The Dangers of Improper Long-Term Storage

Garments can become irreparably damaged by improper storage methods. Anyone who has ever pulled a wedding gown from a box for a new bride of the family to wear can attest to the disappointment of finding moth holes, yellowed fabric, stains, and more. Worse, clothes that have not been stored in a climate-controlled area can have the fabric nearly disintegrate over time. That’s not something you should have to deal with for your fine apparel.

Unique Pieces That Deserve Careful Treatment

What kinds of unique pieces deserve special treatment? There are many types – so clothing and accessories that should be treated with care. These garments should not be crammed in your closet or stuffed into a drawer or a box. These include garments such as:

  • Fine silk men’s suits
  • Evening gowns
  • Ball gowns
  • Delicate veils with lace
  • Fine fabric shrugs
  • Furs and muffs
  • Couture pieces
  • Bespoke pieces
  • Vintage garments
  • Wedding dress
  • Prom dress
  • Apparel with unique materials (sequins, feathers, etc.)
  • Costumes

Luxury Closet Storage for Your Unique Pieces

Imagine having a limitless closet for all your unique pieces? Now you can! Through Embassy Cleaners, you can have a representative come to your home to catalog all your unique wardrobe items. The items are then brought o Embassy Cleaners to be carefully and meticulously cleaned. After that, they are stored in a climate controlled “closet,” and made available to you as needed. You can have items delivered to your home when you need to wear them. Then, when you’re finished wearing the garment, it will be cleaned again and carefully returned to the storage unit.

What Situations is the Service Good For?

There are many situations where the service will be especially convenient. For instance, if you are traveling and don’t wish to carry luggage with you, your selected garments can be shipped directly to your destination and back again when you are ready. Or, if you wish to do a spring cleaning of your closets and realize that you have too many infrequently worn garments taking up space, you can have those garments cataloged and stored off-site at the climate-controlled facility.

The Importance of Cleaning Before Storage

To preserve the fabric and structure of the garment, it’s vitally important to clean it before storing away for any length of time. In any case, failing to clean the garment before storage is the reason for the appearance of yellow and/or brown stains on the garment when it is taken out for use again. Hidden stains become discolored and more noticeable when stored improperly. At Embassy Cleaners, we’ve partnered with a premier apparel storage company to provide proper cleaning for all your unique pieces before storage.

At Embassy Cleaners, we are very knowledgeable about the care and storage of unique, couture, vintage and other special garments. Call or contact us online today to find out how we can help with your fine garment care needs.

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