5 Things You Need to Know About Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

hot water extraction carpet cleaning

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning might not be a word that you’re used to hearing when it comes to maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of your home. This blog post from Embassy Cleaners focuses on this popular method of cleaning carpets.

1. Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning = Steam Cleaning

You might know the term “hot water extraction” like a carpet cleaning method by its more popular synonym “steam cleaning.” Though the two terms refer to the same process, the phrase “steam cleaning” is a bit misleading. There is often little to no steam involved when steam cleaning is used. Instead, the term “hot water extraction” is more accurate.

2. How Hot Water Extraction Works

When hot water extraction — the most common and effective method — is used to clean your carpets, high-pressure tools are used to propel a mixture of cleaning agents and hot water into your carpet. This process helps to loosen the grime, dirt, debris, and soil that can lurk, often unseen, in your carpets. The high-powered vacuum used by Embassy Cleaners then, nearly simultaneously, removes all of these loosened materials from your carpet.

3. DIY Isn’t the Same as the Professionals

Renting a machine to clean your carpets from your favorite grocery or big-box store is a popular way for those homeowners who want to do-it-yourself to approach this job. While their spirit of tackling the job themselves is to be admired, it’s important to know that the process, as well as the results, will not be as thorough as the professionals.

4. Truck-Powered Equipment = Better Results

Professional cleaners like Embassy Cleaners have truck-mounted equipment that is more powerful when it comes to delivering the necessary cleaning agents that are mixed with hot water. This high-powered system means that these cleaning substances can reach more deeply into your carpets to remove dirt and stains that have saturated the carpet fibers. Along the same vein are the vacuum systems that Embassy Cleaners uses to remove the moisture, cleaning agents, stains, and dirt from your carpets.

5. Call the Professionals Sooner Rather Than Later

Many homeowners wait until their carpets become too worn, stained and dirty before they call the professionals to come and clean them. In order to effectively maintain your carpets, make them last longer and keep them looking beautiful, it’s best to have them cleaned at least annually. Many homeowners also have their carpets professionally cleaned before a big event such as a party or the holidays. Another popular time to have your carpets cleaned is during the spring as part of an overarching cleaning process for the entire house.

At Embassy Cleaners, we specialize in providing New York with premier cleaning services. Our Westchester-based business employs Joseph Dieudonne, a certified graduate of the International Fabricare Institute with more than 27 years of experience. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn how we can make your home fresh and new again.

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