Green Cleaning: Our Environmental Position

So, what’s the deal with organic dry cleaning?

Don’t be fooled by “Green Washers” claiming to use “organic” cleaning methods. Truth be told, all dry cleaning methods are organic, technically speaking, as carbon atoms are present in the cleaning solvents being used.

However, this does not mean that these methods are environmentally friendly.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes ONLY TWO dry cleaning processes as being environmentally friendly: Wet Cleaning and Liquid Carbon Dioxide Cleaning.

There are no dry cleaners in Westchester County currently employing the liquid carbon dioxide cleaning process.

Embassy Cleaners is listed on the EPA website as being the only dry cleaner in Westchester County to employ the wet cleaning Process.

In fact, Embassy first invested in wet cleaning technology back in 1995!!

Wet cleaning is a process by which sophisticated washing methods are performed utilizing water as the base cleaning solution. While it is not possible to wet clean virtually all garment types, many garments can be successfully wet cleaned. We also responsibly utilize traditional dry cleaning methods for those garments that are not wet cleaned.

Embassy Cleaners is proud to be among the first dry cleaners in the country, and still the only cleaner in Westchester County, to utilize BIODEGRADABLE packaging. Our Commitment alone saves approximately 20,000 pounds of plastic from landfills each year!

Embassy’s dedication to environmental responsibility extends to numerous other practices and initiatives, such as:

  • Distillation of solvent after every load, greatly reducing the amount of solvent used
  • Hanger recycling program
  • Reusable delivery bags
  • Mercury-free and energy efficient lighting
  • Energy efficient steam traps and insulated steam pipes
  • Engine idling policy for delivery vehicles
  • Cloth towels in restrooms to save paper