Don’t Let Wrinkles Ruin Your Day: Why Hand Ironing Matters


There is nothing quite like pulling on a freshly ironed shirt. And if you have ever tried to iron a shirt well, you know it takes some real skill. 

There is a difference from sending your shirt to the dry cleaners where they use big machinery to press the shirt. If you’ve tried this, you know that sometimes the shirts come back with some wrinkles and spots missed. 

Hand ironing takes care of your wrinkles in a way that a machine press cannot do. Check out these reasons to find a place that will hand iron your clothes for the best look. 

1. Can’t Take Away The First Impression

We’ve all been in the situation. Don’t feel like dragging out the iron? Don’t have time to do the ironing?

But if you throw on those wrinkled clothes, it looks bad. The old idiom says you can’t take away the first impression.

Wrinkled clothing does not give a good impression. But an ironing service can fix that problem.

2. Clothing Care

Quality clothing is expensive. An ironing service helps you to care for your clothes by doing the ironing by hand.

They will work on it by hand. Instead of putting the clothing through a machine that might stretch or tear your clothes.

3. Find Errors in Cleaning

It’s happened to the best of us. We miss a spot. We throw on a shirt only to find a missing or loose button.

When you hire someone to hand iron your clothes, they are inspecting them as they work. They will catch any problems with a garment before it leaves their care. So, not only will you get a well-ironed shirt or a pair of slacks, they are in tip-top shape.

4. Look Polished And Put Together

A shirt, suit jacket or pair of slacks that are machine pressed might have spots that get missed. The machine cannot get into the pleats and tight spots the way an iron can. 

Having your clothing hand-pressed makes certain it is completely wrinkle-free. There won’t be spots missed. The ironer can work on those pesky deep wrinkles until they are gone and your clothes are pristine.

5. Pass Off That Household Chore

While we might like freshly pressed clothes, there is no doubt it is a pain to do. Who has the time to stand over their iron in our already busy lives? By the time you work, take care of your home and kids, there is only so much time in a day. 

Bring in the pros to the job for you. Not only does it free up your time. It is done by a professional and therefore you get a professional-quality job. 

Hand Ironing For the Best Look

Who doesn’t want to put their best look when they head out into the world? Make sure your clothing does just that by hiring a professional to do your ironing. 

Contact us today to find out about professional services. We can take care of yourself and your clothing.

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