Custom Tailoring: Why Experience Matters

Custom tailor experienced

The trouble with buying off the peg clothing is that you’ll never end up with a perfect fit. Some items will be baggy on you, while others might be tight in places. And the problems of pre-tailored clothing don’t end there. It’s not unusual for garments to be too long in the arms or legs.

As you can imagine, buying clothes can sometimes be a nightmare. That’s also the case when you must do so for work attire. Many of us spend hours trying on clothing to find garments that “mostly” fit us well. It’s something we often assume is an “accepted” practice these days.

But, what if there was a way to ensure that the clothes you wear always fit you well? The solution might sound like a pipe dream, but it’s reality. And it’s something you can take advantage of today! Here at Embassy Cleaners, we also offer a custom tailoring service. So, how can such a service benefit you?

You want to save money altering existing clothes

While made to measure garments might sound like a brilliant idea, they are expensive. Many of us cannot afford to spend three or four-figure sums on having clothes made from scratch. And that’s why we tend to just “put up” with ill-fitting clothing.

Embassy’s custom tailoring service is ideal for ad-hoc alterations. We have a team of expert tailors that can turn your garments into perfect-fitting items. Our master tailors have up to 37 years of experience. We have the know-how to ensure that you get the right solution to meet your needs.

Our custom tailoring service helps people to save money over the cost of made to measure garments. So, if you see something you like in a retail store, we can alter it to fit you better!

You want to make a slight change to a garment’s design

Just because an item of clothing got created in one way doesn’t mean you can’t change it!

Our master tailors can work with you to come up with a different design that better suits your style.

You take advantage of each master tailor’s experience

When it comes to tailoring, experience is a must. Sure, tailors will have got taught their trade by seasoned industry veterans. But, there is no compromise when it comes to both skill and experience.

At Embassy Cleaners, you can take advantage of the fact that our tailors all have vast experience! Sal is one of our master tailors and has an impressive 37 years of experience. Sal works with a team of two other master tailors.

When you get clothing altered, it’s vital the work gets done by experienced tailors. And that’s something we at Embassy Cleaners can guarantee.

You want to repair a damaged item of clothing

Has a seam on your favorite suit become unstitched? Perhaps a button has come undone on a jacket that you wear? Maybe you need to repair the inner lining of it?

Whatever the problem, don’t throw away your damaged garments. Give us a call today to find out how we can repair them for you!

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