Custom tailoring is the key to amazing-looking clothing

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Tailor my clothing so it fits perfectly
Today’s “ready to wear” styles aren’t designed to ideally suit everyone’s body type, and if you don’t fit the clothing dimensions, it can be a struggle to put together a workable wardrobe. That’s where custom tailoring from Embassy Cleaners comes in, as our experts help you cultivate a closet-full of high-quality items that you love to wear and that stand the test of time.

Tailoring transformation

Many people don’t have their clothing tailored and just make do with how it comes off the rack, but savvier individuals understand the transformational power of good tailoring. Tailoring and alterations can transform an everyday garment into an item that feels and looks amazing to wear. While most people consider tailoring only for altering suits and formal wear, or hemming skirts or trousers, there’s much more to achieving the proper fit in clothing. With tailoring, you can transform wardrobe pieces with a few simple and affordable changes.

Worthwhile investment

Many men and women may see tailoring as too expensive and instead prefer to continue wearing today’s “disposable” clothing that they replace whenever it stops fitting properly. However, tailoring is a worthwhile investment for improving and enhancing any type of clothing through all seasons. Alterations and tailoring can extend your wardrobe and make what you currently have work for you, which reduces the need to constantly go out and buy new items. Quality is more valuable than quantity, and it doesn’t always mean shopping in high-end stores. With professional tailoring at your fingertips, you can even find high quality items at thrift and consignment shops that tailors can easily alter to suit your body type and needs.

Modernize your wardrobe

If you’ve been hanging onto favorite items, tailoring can help update them and get them in line with your evolving sense of style and today’s changing fashion trends. As preferred trouser, shirt, and blouse styles change, tailors can modify your clothing to keep it modern and fresh without compromising quality or fashion sense. Over time, your desired fit for clothing can change as women may want more or less contour in blouses or to show a bit more leg with skirts, and men want to bring in or let out dress jackets and pants. Working with a professional, experienced tailor in NYC ensures that your clothing fits you in the most comfortable and flattering way, and that you always give off a professional, positive energy.

Bring your items to Embassy Cleaners to discover how our experienced tailors can update, improve, and preserve your wardrobe.

Tailor my clothing so it fits perfectly

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  1. I have an atypical build that makes it really difficult to buy things of the rack. I’m short and slender, but still have a muscular build. You make a great point about how tailoring your clothes can transform you into a more professional looking individual, but also have benefits for casual wear apparel as well. Having something that fits shows your attention to detail. It’s a great way to set you apart.

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