Breathe Easier with Professional Carpet Cleaning

Woman Sneezing Because of Dirty Carpets

Spring brings blooming flowers and the return of greener scenery. Unfortunately, it also brings seasonal allergies that can make breathing outside problematic and cause air quality issues in your home. Controlling allergies and asthma begins inside the home, and when you reduce the allergens inside, it helps you and your family breathe easier through every season.

Biggest allergy and asthma trigger

The biggest trigger for most allergy and asthma attacks is dust mite feces, which is as disgusting as it sounds. It’s not the dust mites themselves that usually cause reactions, but what they put out. Dust mites are so tiny that thousands of them could fit on your fingernail and at any given time, up to 200 million of them can be living inside your home. Dust mites can double their population in 10 hours and produce up to 40 pieces of refuse a day. Research shows that the protein in dust mite refuse causes a majority of asthma and allergy attacks. The favorite breeding grounds for dust mites are your carpet, mattresses, furniture and pillows and all of those areas contain tons of dust mite bodies and refuse. Whenever you walk across the carpet, sit down on your furniture or fluff your pillow, you stir up dust mite refuse that can find its way into the nose, eyes and lungs.

Controlling dust mite issues

Although it’s impossible to remove all dust mites from the home, it is possible to control these allergens by:

  • Washing pillows and bedding in hot water every week
  • Placing pillows and mattresses in allergy reducing covers
  • Vacuuming regularly with a HEPA filter-equipped machine
  • Having air ducts and HVAC systems cleaned annually
  • Bringing in professional cleaners every 6-12 months to clean drapes and upholstery
  • Having carpets professionally cleaned every 3-6 months

Importance of professional cleaners when battling allergens

Although you can rent or buy carpet cleaners, these machines can’t clean your homes as thoroughly and effectively against dust mites and other allergens as professional carpet cleaners can. Using the hot water extraction method, professional carpet cleaners remove allergens, dirt, and pollutants that can cause breathing difficulties inside the home. Store bought or rented machines don’t get as hot as professional cleaner’s equipment, and they don’t have the same high-pressure professional equipment uses to break up pollutants, dirt, and allergens in the carpet. Professional equipment has strong suction to remove the cleaning solutions, pollutant dust mite refuse that can cause allergic reactions, and this makes carpets and rugs healthier while improving their appearance.

Embassy Cleaners offers professional carpet cleaning services to reduce seasonal and household allergens and promote a healthy, fresh home.

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