Why You Should Have Your Wedding Gown Professionally Preserved

wedding dress preservation

Your wedding is one of the best and most memorable days of your life. To help remember your perfect day and even pass your dress down, you should consider keeping your wedding dress in the best possible shape. To learn more about wedding dress preservation, check out this simple guide!

What is Wedding Dress Preservation?

Wedding dress preservation refers to a specialized cleaning process followed by packaging to make sure your dress is perfectly clean and well protected. While you can wait until after your honeymoon to preserve your dress, any stains should be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage.

Delaying the preservation process could require your dress to need restoration, which is more difficult and expensive. Once the dress is fully cleaned and preserved, it will be placed into an archival quality case to ensure it stays in perfect condition. While the process can cost anywhere from $250 to $750, having you dress stay perfect for years and years is priceless.

You should consider taking your dress to a specialized dry cleaning service. Not every dry cleaner offers this service, so make sure to ask questions about pretreatment, cleaning methods and whether they use hand cleaning.

You should make sure that the dress preservationist will accept responsibility for your dress’s condition. You do not want to hand over your wedding dress to someone who will not guarantee it will come back better than you left it. 

You should also make sure to read the fine print regarding any warranties. If your dress needs repairs years later, they should be willing to do so.

Wedding Dress Cleaning and Packaging Techniques

Preserving the condition of your dress is of utmost importance. However, you should know everything you can about the methods your chosen specialist uses. Older methods of dry cleaning had many negative impacts on the environment.

These chemicals produce hazardous effects while cleaning your dress. The cleaning agents could even negatively affect your health, so make sure you know what chemicals are being used.

Any solvents used to remove stains should be gentle enough to avoid damaging any delicate decorations. If there is any concern, they should be removed or safely covered during the cleaning process. You should make sure to take all fabrics and materials the dress is made from into account. This will help you decide on the appropriate cleaning method.

The material that you choose to package your dress in should also be chosen with care. Any wrapping materials should be acid-free and the container itself should be PH-neutral as well. You should also make sure the container’s viewing window is made from acetate rather than plastic. This helps prevent your dress yellowing from light exposure.

Once you get your cleaned and preserved wedding dress back, make sure to store in a dry closet or wedding chest. This will help avoid any damage from light, vermin or sharp objects.

A Perfect Dress Forever

If you want to hand your dress down to your daughter or just keep it looking perfect for all time, wedding dress preservation is the way to go. To learn more about the process and how you can get your dress preserved, check out Embassy Cleaners today!

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