What are Tailored Suits?

You may be accustomed to buying your suits off the rack. The term off the rack simply refers to a garment that is manufactured in bulk, and widely available in an array of retail outlets. Off the rack suits are not custom made for you. Suits that are custom made are called bespoke suits. These are specialty, one-of-a-kind garments that are made only for you, based on your personal measurements. Bespoke garments are exceedingly pricey, while off the rack suits can often be purchased at bargain prices. You may also be used to dealing with what you consider to be minor issues with the fit of your off the rack suits. Maybe the shoulders are a bit wide, or the sleeves are a bit long. That’s the price you pay for buying suits off the rack, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

What are Custom Tailored Suits?

Custom tailored suits are a happy middle ground between bespoke suits and off the rack suits. They are off the rack suits that have been custom tailored to fit your body. Embassy Cleaners a custom tailor in Westchester, NY can alter your off the rack suit so that it complements you in a similar manner as a bespoke suit.

How Does Suit Tailoring Work?

When you decide to bring in your suit for custom tailoring, the tailor will first take your measurements. They will ask you about your personal preferences regarding certain aspects of the suit. For instance, some people prefer shorter sleeves so that cufflinks are visible. Others may have a preference regarding the lapel length of the jacket. Next, the tailor will examine the suit material, including the lining, if any.

What Can Be Tailored on a Suit?

Virtually anything can be tailored and altered on a suit, including the inseam, leg width, sleeve length, lapel, jacket length and more. Ideally, the original suit fits the customer at least a little. Whatever needs to be altered on the suit in order to make it a perfect fit for the customer, it can be done through suit tailoring.

What Other Alterations Are Possible on a Suit?

Other, more minor alterations can be done on a suit by a professional tailor as well. For instance, the customer may like to have different buttons, or to have trim added to the pockets, lapel or pants. These are embellishments that can add style and polish to an otherwise plain looking off the rack suit.

How Long Does Suit Tailoring Take?

First, the customer needs to have a fitting appointment with the tailor. This is where the tailor takes all the measurements they need to ensure a good tailoring job. Next, the tailor must do the actual tailoring. Depending on the tailor’s schedule, this may take from a few days to a week. Next, the customer comes in for a second fitting. This fitting appointment is so that the customer can try on the suit and make sure the tailoring was successful. The second fitting is usually the final fitting.
One thing is sure. Once you have worn a tailored suit, you’ll always want to have your suits tailored. A well-tailored suit makes the person wearing it look groomed, polished and professional. Contact us today to learn more about our suit tailoring services.

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