Top 5 Blogs to Prepare You for Winter


Winter is coming quick and that means the cold temperatures and winter storms are almost catching up with us. Well, it is time to prepare ahead to avoid precariously and to stay safe and healthy. Whereas cleaning is a major aspect in winter preparation, there are a few extras to take into consideration during the snowy days. At Embassy Cleaners, we want to make your winter neatest and warmest, and thus we’ve provided you with the top 5 blogs to help you prepare for winter.

1. 10 Essential Winter Cleaning Hacks You Should Implement Today

With several hours spent indoors during winter, extra messes are bound to pile up and cleaning them can be a daunting task. Luckily, there are different effective winter hacks that you can use to make your cleaning game less arduous. For instance, you can use Mr. Clean to scuff out crayon marks from walls or vinegar to clean the dishwasher and oven. Also, you can apply some vegetable oil on shovels to inhibit snow from clumping up on it.

2. How to Take Care of Your Winter Coats

A warm coat is a necessity during winter, and since you need it to last long, it is crucial to understand how to take care of it. From general winter coat, down coat to wool-blend winter coat, you need to ensure that you’ve followed the care label and the different tactics to remove stains. Doing this will ensure that your winter coat is clean and remains at its best between the professional cleanings.

3. 5 Terrible Things that Could Happen This Winter

For different parts of the country, winter can be unforgiving and harsh. It causes numerous adversities such as soot produced by the home heating appliances as well as debris in the vents/filters might explode and spew all over the upholstery. While it is always best to be proactive, if the unexpected happens, contact the professionals who will clean your home so you can continue to enjoy the freshly falling snow.

4. Removing Winter Salt from Clothing and Carpets

Salt is typically used to keep drives and sidewalks free of ice. While walking, your footwear can transfer the salt to your clothing and carpets. Salt can cause stains and rings of residue on clothing, leather items, to rugs and carpets. Therefore, it’s crucial to know how to clean or manage the salt stains. More importantly, you should contact the professional carpet and garment cleaners for the ultimate winter salt removal.

5. Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning in winter

You may need to reconsider if you’re thinking of delaying your carpet cleaning until spring. That’s because the more you wait, the more soiled and stained it becomes. Professional cleaning can help eliminate minor and permanent stains, and the allergens are less likely to re-accumulate in winter. Also, carpets dry faster in winter since the season has lower humidity and thus the moisture evaporates more swiftly.

Bottom Line

Though winter doesn’t come as a surprise, most people are usually not ready for its arrival. At Embassy Cleaners, we provide professional furniture, carpets, draperies, and upholstered walls cleaning to ensure your home is clean and warm for winter. Designated as one of America’s Best Cleaners, we utilize eco-friendly and state-of-the-art cleaning techniques to ensure that you receive unrivaled customer service. Besides, we strive to keep your winter tidiest and safest by offering dry cleaning pick-up and delivery services at no extra cost.

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