Top 3 Ways To Clean Your Fabric Wall Covering

Top 3 Ways to Clean your Fabric Wall Covering

For cozy walls, nothing feels as good as fabric. Fabric adds warmth and a unique cozy texture you can’t acquire from wallpaper or paint. The fabric is also great for covering imperfect walls and for sound dampening. Most homeowners use bright, elegant, unusual and protective materials to decorate their walls. Since it is fabric, cleaning is essential to maintain its gorgeous look. How?

Here are three common ways to clean a fabric wall covering.

1. Dusting

There are different methods to dust a fabric wallpaper such as:

  • Vacuum cleaning: Vacuuming is the most efficient way to sift your fabric covering. First, tie a wall brush to a vacuum. You may require a ladder depending on the wall brush extension height. It prevents you from damaging the walls. It is vital to start at the top and to clean a particular section at a time. If the wall brush rubs your fabric wallpaper, it may cause extensive damage.
  • Using a broom: Attach a microfiber cloth to a brush and swipe it gently sideways to clean dusty corners. Swipe your broom downwards without skipping any surface. If dust accumulates on your floor, sweep it thoroughly.
  • Dust with a cotton cloth: Use it to wipe your walls. Step on a ladder to clean high walls. Dust from the top to clear off any visible dirt. It is advisable to clean the cotton cloth regularly as a dirty cloth can blotch your fabric wall covering.

2. Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning involves vacuuming the affected part of your wall covering. Vacuum it downwards with smooth strokes. Do not rub your vacuum as it can damage your fabric wallpaper. Apply even pressure on the vacuum. It is recommended to swath the wallpaper sideways then downwards before moving to another section. It helps you track the areas that you have vacuumed.

After vacuuming a particular section, dry clean it with a chemical sponge severally. If you have a velvet fabric wall covering, it is wise to use many chemical sponges to prevent the wallpaper’s color from fading. Do not scrub it with the sponge vertically. It usually reduces the sponge’s efficiency and severely damages the wall covering. Instead, dry clean the affected part severally to remove soot.

3. Wet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning Fabric Wall Covering

Some people prefer wet cleaning their fabric wallpapers. A sponge cleaner is ideal for textured wallpapers. Slightly soak a massive sponge in a mild degreaser to clean the affected section. If the sponge is too wet, it might lift the wallpaper as you swipe it. Clean your wall covering with even strokes to remove dirt and stains effectively.

Experienced cleaners recommend testing a small portion of the wall covering to check if it will fade. In case it occurs, it is advisable to replace the wallpaper rather than wet cleaning it. Use a non-invasive technique if there are mild stains when starting. After clearing the residue, use a hydroxyl generator to get rid of foul odors. Typically, it takes up to 48 hours depending on the degree of damage on the wall covering.

High-quality fabric wall covering are expensive. As such, it is advisable to seek the services of fabric installation and cleaning experts. Call Embassy cleaners at (914) 834-5955 to speak with one.


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