Tips for Autumn Home Maintenance

Autumn leaves over wooden background

Although the crisp temperatures of autumn haven’t arrived quite yet, it’s still a good time to start working on your fall to-do list to get your home ready for the change of seasons. Autumn brings more reasons to gather in your home including watching sporting events and partaking in holiday meals and starting early on important fall tasks mean you can enjoy more free time when activities pick up. As one of your biggest investments, your home requires attention to ensure that everything continues running smoothly and looking great no matter what the weather brings.

Fall maintenance inside and out

During the cooler temperatures, you probably tend to spend more time inside, and though your carpets, drapes and furniture need attention, you need to consider a few exterior details that require maintenance. If you live in a high-rise, you obviously don’t need to worry about downspouts or gutters, but there are still some jobs you can do to ensure your home stays warm during the colder days.

  • Windows and doors – Take the time to check the weather stripping around your windows and doors and replace it where necessary. It’s not a difficult task, and it can go a long way toward keeping heat inside and saving energy.
  • Fireplace – If you’re fortunate enough to have a working fireplace in your home, make sure it receives a professional inspection and cleaning so you don’t have to worry about smoke and toxic fumes billowing into your living area and causing health issues and damage.
  • Carpets and rugs – Along with keeping your hard floor clean, it’s time to consider professional carpet and rug cleaning to remove the dirt, soil and remnants of summer activities and household traffic. Professional cleaning can also help remove fall allergen triggers from inside the home.
  • Upholstery and drapes – If you haven’t already, it’s time to clean the summer pollen and dirt from your upholstery and drapes with professional help. Cleaning upholstery and drapes without understanding the nuances of the material can cause damage and leave you scrambling for replacements before the holidays begin. Professional drapery cleaning also ensures that your window coverings look stunning while they help keep the warmth in and the cool out.

Make sure your home is protected and prepared for the change of seasons by replacing the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every six months. Many people do this when they set their clocks back, but do it on whatever schedule works best for you.

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