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These 6 Fashion Tips Will Make Your Man So Sexy, You Won’t Want Him to Leave the House

(We promise he won’t look like Dennis Rodman in the above picture..)

Times are changing. Men are starting to care more about their fashion.

That said, they could still use some help from time to time, because caring isn’t necessarily enough…

Here are 6 tips that will guide you in helping your man dress better:

1. Start small
Start with a little gift. Something you found that you think he’d look good in. And when you give it to him, use positive language. Instead of “This shirt is so much better than the one you’re wearing right now,” try “I think you’ll look so sexy in this shirt.” Then, you can slowly try suggesting that he donate some of his clothes that are a bit dated, like the sweat-stained tee shirt that his mom wrote his name in.

2. Don’t scare the heck out of him
Starting small really is important. One thing here, one compliment there. If you try to replace his entire wardrobe, that could be a disaster.

3. Don’t be a drag
If you try to drag your man out with you to shop, it can totally turn him off to the idea. It’s scary thinking you’re about to be dressed up, in public… Ahhhh!! Little gifts… They are amazing.

4. He may not know he’s in a rut, so help him out
What seems obvious to you, isn’t obvious to him. He’s wearing the same few shirts all the time, the same pair of jeans… He doesn’t realize it, but he’s not as happy as he could be if he just felt like he looked his best. Help him out by easing him out of the rut!

5. Give compliments
We touched on it before, but it’s worth explaining in more detail: Give compliments. Guys act tough, like they don’t care and nothing phases them, but really they’re just afraid you don’t think they look good. For example, tell them you like their arms and that they’d look great in a tee shirt that showed them off a little, or they have a great butt and they’d look great in a pair of tighter jeans.

6. Don’t be his mother
Psychologically, people tend to respond in a childlike manner when they are treated like children. Don’t release the 10 year old boy in him by telling him “what a man is supposed to wear,” or “you are wearing this because I said so.”

If you use some of these strategies, you’ll not only add a few great pieces to his wardrobe, but you may also find your guy developing a great fashion sense, and even the desire to go out and get great looking clothing on his own!

Soon, you may even find him trying to iron his own shirts!!

Wait until he finds out he can have his clothing picked up, dry cleaned, and drop back off at the house!!

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We specialize in Dry Cleaning, Laundering, Tailoring, Drapery Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning. Please get in touch to learn about our services, including fireproofing and restoration services for smoke and water damage.

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Steven D
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Embassy is so far above other places I’ve used that I regret not discovering them sooner. Not only is the quality of their service exceptional (right down to the hangers they use), but they’re also environmentally conscious, and so friendly. The service is efficient and they communicate well when your items are ready for pickup. I can’t say enough good things about them.
Grant J
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I’ve used Embassy Cleaners for the last eight years. They do a wonderful job. Expert cleaners of fine clothes and home furnishings and great tailors. Their service is excellent. They listen to all of my instructions and are extremely diligent.
Charles F
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Excellent experience in all respects, e.g. friendly and honest staff, quality cleaning services for my oriental rugs, reasonable pricing, helpful customer service and punctual pickup/delivery service. I will continue to use Embassy Cleaners.
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Excellent seamstress! And very quick work! Love them
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I get my dry cleaning picked up and dropped off, I love this service. Life is so busy and it’s good to be able to take my mind off certain things, like my laundry. Thanks to the whole team.
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Embassy is extremely professional and does excellent cleaning!!
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Been using them for the 3 years I’ve been here. Never, EVER, had a single issue. In fact, they are the best laundry/dry cleaner my shirts and other items have ever seen. Impeccable.
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The most fabulous cleaners!!
Heidi L
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I love this service. The clothes leave dirty and are returned clean and meticulously folded. My driver is always professional and picks up and drops off each week. I never have to do laundry again!
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Wonderful alterations done quickly at a very fair price.
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Amazing business and it shows. 10/10 service.
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