The Importance of Professionally Cleaning Upholstered Outdoor Furniture

cleaning upholstered outdoor furniture

Outdoor upholstered furniture, though resistant to stains and mildew, still needs to be cleaned from time to time.

They are typically made with solution-dyed yarns which make them more suitable for outdoor use. Other fabrics suitable for outdoor use include vinyl-coated fabrics, which typically contain mildew-inhibiting and ultraviolet-resistant ingredients, adding to their overall lifespan.

Though resistant to stains and mildew, they aren’t immune to wear and tear, weather, and the-often-overlooked: animals.

During the summer we’ve been receiving calls from people who need their outdoor upholstered furniture cleaned because of birds, dogs, and other animals that roam around backyards. Dogs, for example, often prefer to relieve themselves on the carpet inside the house (and we clean plenty of carpets…), but after some discipline, will begin going outside.

The problem is, they like to go ON things, and unfortunately, upholstered outdoor furniture is, for some reason, one of their backup plans. At least it is for the pets of the people we’ve been hearing from.


Using outdoor fabric for your outdoor upholstered furniture was smart. If you hadn’t, it would have been destroyed beyond repair long ago. But you should make it a habit of having it professionally cleaned from time to time because doing so will significantly extend its lifespan.

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