Restoring Smoke-Damaged Clothing and Home Furnishings

Restoring Smoke Damaged Clothing

Embassy Cleaners Can Handle Large Cleaning Projects

Embassy Cleaners possesses the technology and expertise required to restore smoke-damaged garments, bedding, and home furnishings successfully.

Imagine dropping your son off at the airport to go back to college after winter break and while you are gone, your two teenage daughters who are alone back at the house smell smoke. That’s exactly what happened recently to one Westchester County homeowner, who contacted us to assist his family with this massive cleaning project.

The Story

Not only was the homeowner’s home damaged, but his tenants’ home was as well because the electrical fire started in the wall cavity that the homes share.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. The clothing, draperies, rugs, and bedding, however, were exposed to a fair amount of smoke.

Insurance companies are responsible for either paying to have items restored to their pre-loss condition or replacing them outright. It’s almost always less costly to restore clothing and other fabrics and textiles than it is to replace them with new items, so the insurance companies are always happy when a company comes along who can restore damaged goods. Additionally, who wants the hassle of going out to buy all new stuff? It stands to reason that you like the clothing and other items you have, or else you wouldn’t have purchased them, so restoration is always ideal.

We received a call from the homeowner in the afternoon, and we headed over immediately to determine the extent of the damage. Three people from Embassy Cleaners made a house call, including the owner of Embassy Cleaners, a project manager, and a pack-out specialist (a team member who specializes in packing out the goods to be restored, organizing them, and tracking them, so they are all accounted for).

After we had assessed the damage, the project manager and pack-out specialist spent the rest of that day and the entire day the next day packing the damaged goods and organizing them not only by room but by season. Because of the extent of the damage, both the homeowner and the tenant in the adjacent home were going to have to stay elsewhere for about nine months while repairs to the homes were being done, so we decided it would be very helpful if we could send them the clothes we restore based on the season. We are well-equipped to provide this high-end service, as we can store a large amount of clothing until the client is ready to receive them.

Restoring Smoke Damaged Clothing

These are some of the 3,800 items we restored for this project

Restoring Smoke Damaged Clothing

Restoring Smoke Damaged Clothing

For smoke odor removal we employ ozone technology,  as well as other accredited cleaning techniques, which are extremely effective at removing smoke odors as well as mold, mildew and other odors. For dealing with soot and oily residue on fabrics and carpeting, our experienced staff utilizes job-specific solutions and processes both for on-site and off-site applications.

Well experienced at tackling smoke and fire-related cleaning projects, Embassy Cleaners was successful in fully restoring the clothing, bedding, draperies, rugs, and even leather goods like coats, belts, and shoes back to their pre-loss condition. The homeowner and his tenants were thrilled, and so were the insurance companies!