Proper Care Helps Sweaters Last

How to care for your sweaters

When the temperature drops, the sweaters come out, and chances are, you have a few favorite knit sweaters that you can’t imagine going without during the cold weather. With the right care, cleaning, and maintenance, your quality knit sweaters can last for ten years or more and carry you through the winters ahead.

Eliminate pilling

Although they sell “sweater shavers” in stores, you don’t have to invest in a fancy gadget to eliminate pilling. You can use a disposable style razor to shave off pills and fuzz on your favorite sweaters. Simply place the garment on a flat surface and use fast, short, careful strokes with the razor to remove pills. You can also use scissors to cut off larger pills. Whatever method you use, work carefully, so you don’t cut the fabric.

Repair pulled threads

A pulled thread on your favorite knit sweater can be distressing, especially if it makes the surrounding rows begin to bunch. To fix the pull, carefully stretch the fabric back into shape and then use a sewing needle to push the pull to the inside of the garment. Tie the leftover thread on the inside into a knot and dab it with clear nail polish or a fray prevention product to keep it tied. Avoid cutting a pulled or snagged thread as that can create a large hole in the sweater.

Fold instead of hanging

Avoid hanging your sweater in the closet as this can make it stretch and lose its shape from its weight. Knit sweaters do better when you fold them and place them in a dresser. To hang a sweater without causing stretching, fold it shoulder to shoulder and drape it over the hanger bar to evenly distribute the weight.

Clean properly

Read the labels on your knit sweaters before cleaning them to ensure you don’t cause damage by using the wrong temperature or by trying to run them through the laundry when they’re hand wash only. Be gentle when cleaning your sweaters to prevent shrinking or color fade and if you have any doubts about care, take them to a professional cleaner.

Keep extra buttons

Almost every sweater comes with at least one spare button attached to the tag or sewn inside the garment. Keep these extra buttons somewhere safe where you can find them when you need a replacement. A great way to store extra buttons, care labels, and thread samples is in a business card organizer that has numerous compartments you can slip the items into for easy access.

Store safely

When the weather warms up again, carefully store your sweaters by making sure they’re clean first. Fold them carefully with white tissue paper inside to help support their shape and store them in a place that’s out of direct sunlight and safe from moths and other pests.

Our professionals at Embassy Cleaners work hard to keep your favorite sweaters and other clothing items looking their best through all seasons.

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