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Professionally Clean My Suit When you’ve invested the time and money in finding a quality dress suit, you want to make sure you take the best care of it, so it lasts and maintains its sharpness. Knowing when to clean a good suit can be tricky because it’s not usually a daily wear item. You may even believe that it doesn’t require cleaning at all.

However, to maintain the appearance of your suit, it’s a good idea to have both the jacket and the pants professionally cleaned at least once a year even if you haven’t worn it. Believing that you can continue to wear your suit without cleaning because you don’t see any stains is a mistake. Steamers can help refresh a suit after wearing, as can hanging it up to air it out, but after a few times wearing the suit, you should have it professionally cleaned. If your suit is dry clean only, avoid cleaning stains with anything wet because it will further stain the fabric and can cause color loss.

Reasons dress suits require professional cleaning

Although having a garment you might barely wear cleaned professionally might sound unnecessary, cleaning experts know otherwise. You may think your suit is clean, but if you’ve worn it at all, the oil from your skin and perspiration is potentially damaging. The reasons your suit needs professional cleaning include:

  • Contact – When you’re wearing your dress suit, you encounter a variety of surfaces including chairs, subway seats, taxicabs, other people, and your skin. All of this contact leaves residue on your suit, even if you can’t see it, and over time that can damage the fabric.
  • Matting – Even if your suit avoids soiled surfaces, wearing it can matt down fibers. Professional cleaning helps fluff up the fibers, which keeps the suit looking polished and sharp. The longer you wear the suit between cleanings, the more likely it is that soils get ground in and become harder to remove and this can lead to your jacket or pants having a shiny appearance. Fluffing the fibers back up, in this case, is more challenging because the soils have permanently adhered to the fibers.
  • Oxidation – Over time, certain stains from liquids like champagne oxidize and turn brown. While the spill was clear when it happened, it eventually darkens and then the stain is set.

Different wear for jacket and pants

When you wear your suit, it’s likely that your pants get more use than your jacket. This is because you remove the jacket for safe keeping when you get in the car, go out on the dance floor, work alone at the office, and various other reasons. This is a good practice because suit coats are structured garments with lining, interfacing, bonding and material that support the garment. The lining in your suit protects it from perspiration, and as you wear the jacketless, it shouldn’t become shiny like pants can if not properly cleaned. Suit pants receive more wear than suit jackets as you sit in them, crouch in them, bend them and other normal activities. Pants are more susceptible to spills and stains too which means they require cleaning more often than your jacket. To keep your suit available and the pieces in their best shape, it’s a good idea to buy two pairs of pants with the jacket when you find a suit you love.

When you clean your dress suit regularly after wearing, or at least once a year if you don’t wear it, the suit lasts longer and looks better. Trust Embassy Cleaners to clean and protect your favorite dress suits and business attire.

Professionally Clean My Suit

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