How Do They (The Professionals) Preserve a Wedding Dress?


You’ve made a big investment in your wedding dress, and you deserve to be able to keep it in pristine condition for as long as possible. Whether you paid a small fortune for your gown, or it was given to you by a loved family member, you’ll likely want to preserve it for yourself, your children or grandchild. The best choice to ensure that your wedding dress is correctly preserved is to let the professionals at Embassy Cleaners take care of it for you. You can trust Embassy Cleaners to do the right thing when it comes to wedding dress preservation.

First Comes the Cleaning

When you first bring your wedding dress to Embassy Cleaners for preservation, your friendly customer service representative will ask if there are any known marks or stains on the dress. The cleaners will go over your wedding dress with a fine tooth comb to locate any marks, but it helps to know in advance if there are any specific spots that the customer is aware of.

Next, the wedding dress will be cleaned by hand. This is necessary because of the variety of delicate fabrics that are frequently used in wedding gowns. Wedding dresses often have things like sequins, brocade, lace, woven buttons, tatting, beading and even valuable gems interwoven into the design of the gown. These are all dealt with extremely carefully to ensure that no damage is done during the cleaning. Detailed attention is given to any particular marks on the dress, and proper cleaning solutions are utilized when necessary, according to the particular fabric that is being treated.

Packing and Storage

Once the wedding dress is completely clean and fresh, it is ready to be packed and stored. Special acid-free, museum quality wrapping paper is used to wrap the dress. Regular tissue paper can lead to staining of the fabric, especially since the dress will be going into storage for a long time. The dress is carefully folded to reduce wrinkling and then placed in the protective covering of the acid-free wrapping paper.

At that point, the dress is ready to be placed inside a preservation box. The preservation box is made of archival paperboard, which is resistant to moisture and does not impart colors or acids onto its contents. Archival boxes are so sterile that it’s recommended that you wear gloves if you decide to open the gown to admire it for any reason.

Storing Your Preserved Wedding Gown at Home

When you pick up your preserved wedding gown, you’ll receive the archival box for home storage. It’s recommended that you keep this box out of direct sunlight, in an area of your home that is climate-controlled. Attics are not ideal, but under the bed is fine, or on a top shelf in a closet.

When you want to keep your wedding dress in the best possible condition, it’s worth it to invest in professional preservation services. This way, you’ll know that your wedding dress will be in as good a condition as possible when you view it again years from now. For more information about preserving precious apparel, contact Embassy Cleaners today.

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