The Process of Wet Cleaning: The Only True Green Cleaning Around

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Your rugs are starting to look a little grungy. Guess it’s time to take them to the dry cleaners again. While dry cleaning is the most well-known method of cleaning your clothes and gets them clean, it isn’t safe for the environment.

Times are changing and so should you. Wet cleaning is the only green cleaning option you have when it comes to getting your clothes done professionally. It’s better for everyone’s health and will work for the majority of your clothes and rugs too.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading for a complete list of how wet cleaning is changing the environment.

1. What is Wet Cleaning?

Wet cleaning uses water, professional equipment, and special detergents to clean dry clean only items. The machines that are used simulate hand washing and the driers never over dry.

The only thing you need to worry about with going with wet cleaning is some tougher stains like oil may not come out all the way.

2. The Difference Between Wet Cleaning and Dry Cleaning

Where wet cleaning uses water and detergents, dry cleaning uses liquid solvents and no water. The reason dry cleaning exists is that at one point, water couldn’t be used on some fabrics such as wool. Wet cleaning has changed all that.

3. Wet Cleaning is Safer for the Environment

Wet cleaning has been proven by the EPA as being the more environmentally friendly option out of the two. Dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals in its process such as PERC. If you’re unfamiliar with PERC, it is a chemical that takes a long while to break down in the soil, air, and water.

Wet cleaning uses special detergents and softners that don’t use these chemicals. It puts very little chemicals back into the air in general actually.

4. It’s Better for Human Health as Well

The harsh chemicals used in dry cleaning does more than damage the environment. It hurts the people around it as well. PERC is known to affect the worker’s health in a negative way.

It can hurt anyone living near a dry cleaning business as well. With wet cleaning, no harsh chemicals are released so nobody is hurt.

5. Can You Clean All Your Clothes this Way?

Wet cleaning is always evolving and at this point is great for cleaning a majority of what you have in your closet. Note we said a majority. There will still be a few instances where wet cleaning isn’t the best choice.

When this happens, it’s a good idea for you to discuss options with one of the workers to see if there is another green alternative.

Why Wet Cleaning is the Only Green Cleaning Choice

When your rugs and clothes are looking a little grimy it may be time to take them to the cleaners. When that time comes, consider wet cleaning. It’s the only green cleaning choice.

Have fresh, soft clothes and save the environment at the same time. Sounds like a good arrangement.

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