When To Panic Because of a Carpet Stain

cleaning carpet stain

When you want to have a clean house, a carpet stain can be a nightmare. You want your home or office to look beautiful. Yet, there’s that stain, on the floor, almost staring at you. You can cover it up with a rug, but you know the stain is still there. An imperfection embedded on your room. So, when should you panic because of a carpet stain?

Left Too Long

If you leave a carpet stain for too long, it’s going to embed itself into the rug. At that point, it will be difficult to remove. Usually, if you haven’t taken any action after the first few minutes of spillage, you’ve got a tougher stain to handle. You can try and get rid of it, but chances are the typical solutions aren’t going to work.

Nasty Liquids

Certain liquids and substances leave a stain which is a nightmare to get out. Red wine, for instance, is noticeable and incredibly difficult to remove. No, before you even think about it, white wine does not work. You are essentially just replacing one stain with another. Although granted, white wine is easier to remove than red. As well as this it’s not as noticeable. Still that’s not an ideal solution.

Through The Carpet

If the stain has gone through the carpet, you could have serious problems. Particularly, if the carpet in question is covered a wooden floor. Then the stain will not only stain the carpet, but it will also mark the floor as well. You also need to be careful that it hasn’t caused any long lasting damage.

It Smells

Do you have a pet? Then you’ll know the type of stain that can stink up the home. You might be able to remove the mess, but the stain remains, and so does the odor. At that point, you might well start to panic. But you can try freezing the stain and then scrub it off. Be careful though as this could damage the carpet.

Carpet Cleaner Didn’t Work

Some people start to panic after they’ve tried to use their professional carpet cleaner. They might have spent hundreds on the device and are dismayed when the stain doesn’t vanish. It worked on the advert didn’t it? That’s probably around the time when you call in a professional carpet cleaning company.

Professional Failure

Of course, there’s no guarantee that they’ll get the stain out often. Often they’ll be successful as they should be. They’ll have industry level equipment in the back of their van. But some stains are tougher than others. At that point, you can always start to panic, or you can call an expert. Let someone who knows all about carpets give it their best shot. You might be surprised at the results.

You Don’t Own It

Finally, it’s probably time to panic when you’ve got a carpet stain, and you don’t own the carpet in question. You might be renting your office, or apartment and a nasty stain could affect your chances of reclaiming the deposit. This is the time when you do need to give the experts a phone. Hopefully, they’ll get that stain removed in minutes, and your crisis will be over as soon as it began.

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