Do You Know How to Take Care of Your Linen Clothing?

caring for linen clothing

Although spring has been struggling to start, eventually the weather will turn drastically warmer and have you digging out your lightweight clothing. In warm weather, garments made from breathable fabrics are the top choices. A favorite lightweight fabric is linen, but many people avoid it because of how it wrinkles. Fortunately, with some helpful tips, tricks, and guidelines, you can wear linen and keep your dress clothes looking great while you stay cool.

Keep the iron handy

With linen garments, wrinkles are essentially unavoidable, so you need to have a working relationship with your iron and utilize professional ironing services to keep your clothes looking sharp and neat. Linen clothes naturally develop creases during the day, but if you iron them before each time you wear them, you can remove any existing wrinkles and start the day right. Using starch while ironing may help, but always check the label before applying anything to the material or take it to a professional to prevent damage to the garment. For a linen shirt, start at the collar, then the sleeves and work down from there. Work from the top down with linen pants or skirts as well.

Hang garments in closet

Linen items will wrinkle if stored in dresser drawers so they must be hung in the closet unless you want to have to iron out multiple creases and rumples every time you pull them out. Use sturdy plastic or wooden hangers to help the linen items maintain their shape and hang them up immediately after cleaning to reduce wrinkles.

Accept the nature of linen

Proper cleaning, ironing, and hanging will keep linen items looking their best, but the nature of the fabric means that it will always have some amount of wrinkling. The key to wearing linen is accepting the nature of the fabric and remembering that it has a relaxed look even in dress attire. With linen items that fit you perfectly and remain breathable in warm temperatures, you can always look your best and feel comfortable even if you have a few wrinkles by the end of the day.

Professional care

While some fabrics wash fine at home, fabrics like linen require more care to retain their appearance. Professional cleaning and ironing services can ensure that linen items shine through daily wear and maintain their shape, color, and quality.

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